The Warrior Palette by Juvia’s Place: Review, Swatches and Discount Code

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So yesterday OUT OF NOWHERE, Juvia’s Place dropped this bomb on us… The Warrior Palette! It already sold out but they’re doing a small restock at some point this weekend (May 11-13).

The palette was inspired by the ferocious and beautiful Dahomey Amazons of Africa. It has 9 eyeshadows, 6 foiled shimmers and 3 mattes, that are 3.6 grams each. It’s the same design as most of their recent palettes… Doucce, Saharan 2, Festival etc. All of Juvia’s products are cruelty free and this palette is paraben free and formulated without mineral oil.

I just got this palette today and I’ve used it exactly once but I did two different eyes so that I could try every shade in the palette. And the formula is consistent with their previous palettes so I feel comfortable giving you guys a quick rundown!

Amina is a rosey champagne with a rich foiled finish. It’s also a dope highlighter.

Idia is an interesting color. It’s gold. It’s bronze. It’s copper. All mixed into one pan! I’m gonna say that it’s an amber bronze. Final decision.

Mino is one of the three mattes in the palette. It’s a very dark, almost blackened, brown. Smooth, pigmented, easy to use, typical Juvia’s matte.

Ahosi is a matte ivory. FINALLY! A matte highlight that’s light enough for me! As I’m sure you know, the owner of Juvia’s Place is Nigerian. When she started her brand she created products with POC in mind because it was an area that most main stream brands were neglecting. I think that’s amazing. And every other palette in the world has a highlight for my pasty face. So I’m not complaining, I swear! Nonetheless I’ve really been wanting a Juvia’s matte brow bone highlight shade and at long last victory is mine! Muah haha ha!

Moremi is a white gold with peach undertones. And another highlight possibility for my fellow pale girls

Kano is the third and final matte! It’s a warm, mid-toned brown with strong orange undertones and subtle yellow undertones

Dahomey is a foiled orangey copper. I’d say that it’s mid-toned. Super creamy and insanely pigmented but still applies well with a brush. Fun fact- when I type ‘Dahomey’ my phone REALLY wants to change it to ‘sodomy’.

Bakwa is a bright yellow gold. It’s giving me serious trophy wife vibes so I bet it would be a beautiful highlight on brown skin.

Benin is a deep chocolate bronze with a foiled finish.

Das it! As you’ve probably surmised by now, all 6 shimmers are foiled. They’re super metallic and insanely pigmented but you can easily apply them with a brush if you’re not down with finger painting. I think this palette has at least one possible highlight shade for every skin tone. Yes, it’s a neutral palette and you probably have similar colors but the formula of these is perfection. And you can’t beat 32 grams of product for 21 bucks (or $18.90 with our affiliate code BEAUTYCULT).

If you want to pick this baby up this weekend, I’d recommend signing up for their restock notification. Happy shopping guys!


  1. […] Juvia’s Place Warrior Palette / It’s taking everything in me to not go purchase this palette today but I’m holding back because realistically I can dupe all of them from my collection. Something about having them all in one place is so appealing though! This color scheme is so on point. Check out swatches on this blog post. […]


    • I’m the same way… ever since I won my very first Juvia’s palette 3 years ago..(?) It’s become an obsession to own every palette that has been released. It doesn’t matter if I need I or really even want it (based on the color scheme), I simply HAVE to have them all. I know, I’m ridiculous, especially since I rarely use them I just love looking st the brightly colored palettes sitting so pretty together.


  2. I think this is a beautiful palette, however my personal feelings are that it’s more suitable for fall then spring. I know that Juvia’s Place has great quality cosmetics, but I’m going to have to definitely take a step back and wait on getting this one. Then again, maybe not!! LOL… it really is very pretty and of course your swatches are always amazing!


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