Melt Cosmetics ‘Baby Girl’ Stack Dupes!!

The new Melt Cosmetics Baby Girl stack is pretty af but also stupid expensive at $58. But not to worry because you don’t need it! I’ve got some really good alternatives that will cost you less than half.

I love duping these little guys! Four or five shadows? Easy peasy! I found a few options for each shade that I’ll list and I swatched the closest, most affordable option that I could find. Also I did some quick finger swatches too because for some reason side by side full swatches look more similar than they actually are. At least to my eyes. Okay! Let’s do it!

🌹Hopeless Romantix vs ColourPop Arrow ($5)- these two are REALLY close! Arrow has a smoother texture and it might be a little more red but I’d say that they’re 95% similar.

Other options… Topshop Shuffle the Cards ($13) and Looxi Beauty Mirage ($4.50, with code BEAUTYCULT) are both similar but lighter and more gold

🌹Scammin’ vs Makeup Geek Poppy ($6)- Scammin’ is a little more pink and Poppy is a little more red

Other options… Devinah Cosmetics Sura ($4, with code BEAUTYCULT) or ColourPop Slim Fit ($4) are both more red.

🌹Main Squeeze vs Makeup Geek Morocco- Morocco is a little more red.

Other options… ColourPop Cannonball ($4) is more orange

🌹Crush vs ColourPop BPM ($4)- BPM is more red.

Other options… Devinah Cosmetics Coax ($4, with code BEAUTYCULT) is more orange. Coastal Scents Coral Pink ($2) is more pink.

🌹Break Up vs Devinah Cosmetics Runa ($4, with code BEAUTYCULT)- both are cinnamon colored mattes. Runa is more red.

Other options…. Anastasia Beverly Hills Blazed ($12) is actually even closer than Runa but I didn’t pick it because it’s $12. ColourPop Criss Cross ($4) is lighter and more red.

And there you have it! Short but sweet! The dupes that I came up with aren’t exact but I think they’re close enough to give you a very similar look and they’ll save you $28!


  1. I really like the review and I you’ve convinced me to save some money. I have a question on whether this stack is similar to the 3502 by Morphe?


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