Nabla Cosmetics ‘Soul Blooming’ Palette and New Dazzleliners: Review and Swatches


SQUEEEEEAAAAALS!! Look who just came all the way from Italy!! It’s the new ‘Soul Blooming’ eyeshadow palette from Nabla Cosmetics! And the new Dazzle Liners! All of these products are also available at Beauty Bay and they offer free US shipping on orders $30+!

Both will be available on May 3. I haven’t heard anything about prices yet but the Dreamy palette is €35.90 (About $43 USD) and the other Dazzle liners are €11.90 ($14ish USD), so I’d imagine these prices will be similar. Also something really cool that Nabla often does is offer new releases at a special discounted rate for the first week or so. Hopefully that will be the case with this release as well! Nabla is an Italian company but they offer worldwide shipping that’s extremely fast and reasonably priced.

The Soul Blooming has the same dimensions as their ‘Dreamy’ palette with a large mirror and a cute floral design for spring. All of Nabla’s products are cruelty free and vegan. The palette has 12 eyeshadows, 6 mattes and 6 shimmers and there’s also a nice even mix of warm and cool tones. I’m huge fan of Nabla’s eyeshadows and Dreamy was one of my favorite palettes of 2017. I’m happy to report that the new edition is just as good!

The only color that requires a little finesse is Honey Drip. It’s has large pigment particles, similar in formula to Delirium from the Dreamy palette. I’d suggest applying it either wet or over a glitter adhesive to prevent fallout. I swatched it over the Lit Cosmetics glitter base. It also applies much easier with a finger tip than it does with a brush. It’s a gorgeous duochrome though. It reminds me of a pressed version of MUG Light Year sparkler.

Gea is a soft orange brown and my new favorite transition color. Blended out it has just hint of pink and it brings a gorgeous warmth to an eye look.

Chamomile is soft ivory matte. It’s great for setting your eye primer or as an eyebrow highlight for medium skin tones.

Bolero is a bright coral pink. Proceed with caution because it’s intense!

Middle Karma is mid-toned brown with subtle mauve undertones

Golden Gate has a lavender base that shifts pink and a sparkly teal overlay. It’s kinda similar to MUG Blacklight but more shimmery and with a stronger pink shift

Climbing Rose is a coral rose color with a foiled finish and gold shimmer

Garcon is a rich red toned bronze. It’s got that perfect creamy texture that glides on with fully opaque color pay off in one pass.

Anemone with a foiled royal blue with tiny flecks of blue and purple sparkle.

Flowery is cloudy blue with a matte finish. It has nice pigmentation but like with most pastel mattes, it has a tendency to sheer out when blended. I like pairing it with bolero to get a purple toned crease

Philosophy has a pinky ivory base with an iridescent blue green shift.

Caravaggio is dark, cool toned brown.

The only shade in the palette that’s a bit tricky is Honey Drip. Everything else is very easy work with as long as you use a light hand. The colors work really together and I’m very inspired to create some soft pretty looks for spring!

A few people asked me about how Soul Blooming compared to Nabla’s previous Dreamy palette and if they weren’t too similar. To me it seems like they very much designed the new palette with the previous one in mind. In my opinion the new colors are very complimentary to the Dreamy palette and you’ll be able to use them together to create tons of looks.

There’s a few colors that are on the same spectrum but they’re darker or lighter with different undertones. Personally I don’t find to be similar but I wanted to post a side by side photo so that you could judge for yourself!

These are the four Dazzle Liners that are being released on May 3, along with their new eyeshadow palette. The Dazzle Liners are €11.90 each (or about $14 USD) but they usually offer a discounted bundle option as well.

Their website describes them as ‘Intensely pigmented liquid eyeliner with mirrored, glossy finish. Glides on smoothly for an easy and defined application creating lines as precious as melted gold. Smudge-free, long-wearing formula.’ And I think that’s a pretty accurate description.

Mantra is a deep red bronze with a hint of pink sparkle

Original Sin is a pinky copper with gold glitter.

Current Eden is a pinky lavender with a blue duochrome shift

Royal Blood is a deep royal blue with tiny flecks of purple glitter.

All four shades coordinate perfectly with the palette. Mantra is similar to Garcon. Original Sin is comparable to Climbing Rose. Current Eden is reminiscent of Garden Gate and Royal Blood is nearly identical to Anemone. I’m not usually one for colorful eyeliner or eyeliner at all for that matter but I love how well these shades pair with the palette so I know I’ll make an effort to use them.

Nabla impresses me more and more with each new release and I highly recommend checking them out if you haven’t already!


  1. I saw the JKissa video too but decided to buy the Soul Blooming Palette because of THIS amazing blogpost. I’m so glad I did because I ADORE these eyeshadows. I experienced fallout with the shimmer shades but solved that problem by applying them with my fingers instead of a brush. Thanks for your fantastic reviews.


  2. Thank you for your review. My palette is on delivery. You look great. Which primer do you think works best with this palette?


  3. It looks gorgeous from your swatches!! I watched JKissa’s review today of this palette where she applied a bunch of the shades and it seemed like she struggled with some of them. She also LOVES the Dreamy palette but she said this one was just OK in comparison. She had to wet the shimmers to make them pop and some of the mattes were a bit difficult to blend and didn’t adhere to some places. (Kind of like the problem people had with subculture I think). I think I’ll get it anyway because I know everyone has different experiences with the same makeup and I really want Dreamy and I might as well order both at the same time (and definitely Original Sin and Current Eden eyeliners – so unique!!!)


    • I didn’t have any trouble and I used every shade in the palette at least twice. That honey drip color is pain in the ass because you have to a sticky base and your finger. I used the lighter shimmers wet but I always do that. And the only matte that was a little problematic was the blue. It wasn’t patchy for me but I had to be real gentle so that it didn’t sheer out. But yeah you might as well spent 99 bucks and get the free shipping! And it’s shockingly fast. I’m always amazed when I order from them and my package arrives two days later.

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