Tammy Tanuka ‘Sigil Inspired’ Pigments: Review and Swatches

Tammy Tanuka is an indie brand based out of Russia. I would describe their vibe as old world meets whimsical fairy tale, which is evident in their packaging below and also their product names. They have some of the most glorious duochrome pigments that I’ve ever seen.

They approached me about doing a review a few weeks ago and I was all over that shit. I loved the products that they sent so much that I immediately placed a huge order. I ordered 18 pigments and they included a ton of extras for me to add to my review. We’re going to be looking at around 40 shades today so make sure that you stay hydrated! Eat a snack that’s high in protein. Perhaps do some light stretching? This is going to be a marathon people!

But first let’s go over all the relevant information that you should know! So I already told you that they’re a Russian company. Their website intimidates the fuck out of me which why I hadn’t ordered from them sooner. It’s entirely in Russian. You can use Google translate but the prices are still in rubles. Am I spending $5 or $500? Who knows?? Also they don’t take PayPal. But fear not! They have an etsy store which is currently open for business. It’s in English and dollars and they accept PayPal. Game on, bitches.

Their processing times are very speedy but as you can imagine, shipping from Russia is a long process. I’ve gotten two orders now and both arrived in exactly three weeks which I found to be reasonable. I think their prices are great too. The pigments come in 2 sizes both of which have the same fancy black lid.

A 1ml jar is $4.50 and a 2ml jar is $7. The small jar is a decent size but now I’m wishing that I had ordered the larger ones because they’re so friggin pretty. As I mentioned above, I ordered 18 pigments and it was less than $100 even with the international shipping costs. Oh one more thing that you should know, the products in the etsy store have the names in English but they’re written in Russian on the jars. I had a super fun time trying to figure out who was who. Not a huge deal but I thought it was worth mentioning. Last thing! These swatches were done over lit cosmetics glitter adhesive because I have an enormous jar of the stuff. But on the eyes I prefer using a glitter glue like these two from Too Faced and NYX. That’s everything that I can think of to tell you. If you have any questions, ask away!

Now let’s look at these swatches already! First set!

Elven Princess is a soft lavender with a coral pink and gold shift.

Washing Itself with Dew is a soft Barbie pink with subtle blue shimmer.

Rapture is one of their ‘Chromatic’ shades. They have about 10-14 products in this category, all of which are super fancy, chameleon shifting micas. The Chromatics are much more expensive at $12 a pop because those micas are very expensive. They’re worth every penny though. I promise you that they’ll be the most impressive duochromes that you’ve ever seen. Look at Rapture in all of the photos, it looks different in every one. Several of the chromatics, including Rapture, are currently sold out with May 9-14 as predicated restock dates.

Sorcerers from Walnut Forest is a satiny bronze with a red to burgundy shift.

Reflection of the Sleeping Soul has a white base with a pinky red shift.

Matriarch has an almost glittery texture and shifts between teal, plum and bright pink.

Set 2!

Sea Firefly is a soft, shimmery aqua

Subduing Look is a deep royal blue with pink and blue sparkle

Shell Gatherer is a silvery green with a hint of gold shimmer

Confused Child is a mermaid-y (this is a long post and I’m taking some liberties with my descriptions) blue green

Born in Crocus is a must have. It’s a pinky lavender that shifts green. It reminds me a lot of that one CP SSS that was part of a holiday set last year. Naturally I can’t remember the name.

Adoration is one of the chromatics and it’s due to be restocked in mid-May. It shifts between teal, blue, green and purple

Set 3!

Malva Jungle Loafer… time to discuss the elephant in the room… clearly something is getting lost in some of the Russian to English translations of the names. Hilarity ensues. Some of these names have me dying. Jungle Loafer (best name eva) is a bright coral pink with a gold and green shift

Elven Princess- again. They also included a few little packet samples. Since I couldn’t read the names, I swatched every thing and didn’t realize I had a few repeats until someone helped me with the translations.

Dancer on Wet Petals has a sparkly white base with pinky lavender shift

Dreaming of a World Split is a lilac that shifts orange. It’s a very unique and beautiful combination

Crystals of Rhodolite is a shimmery pinky violet

Battle Mage has a taupey bronze base with blue sparkle

Set 4!

Dancing with Dawn is mixture of brown and pink that looks mauve from some angles

Parvena is a vibrant red violet

Chimera is a blue green duochrome that shifts brown and purple

Stargazer is deep sparkly purple

Spellbound Virgin of the Castle (😂😂😂) has a smoky gray base that shifts pink and purple

Accepting Star Bath has a glittery texture and a green base that shifts teal and purple

Set 5!

Octopus has a black base with gold sparkle. It looks kinda green from the side

Mountain Herbs Collector (⛰🌿🏃‍♂️) is a really cool color. I’d say the base is taupey khaki and it shifts pink, green and lavender

Mother of the Prismatic Dragon reminds me of MUG Kaleidoscope. It shifts between silvery gray, teal and lavender

Walking on a Snowy Trail is pretty similar to the last one but it’s more lavender and less teal

Player with Waves is a minty green and aqua duochrome with gold shimmer

Flamingos Teardrop has a sparkly white base with a strong pink and more subtle gold shift

Set 6

Bragging is a bright yellow green

Hidden Chrysolite Grotto is a vibrant spring green

Mosses Grower is a mossy green with bronze shimmer

Amethyst Miner is a grayish blue green

Awakening is the third chromatic shade that I got. It’s also due to be restocked in mid-May. It shifts between olive green, Kelly green, teal, blue and yellow

Last set!

Magician of Fire is a firey red orange

Crystals Fire Agate has a sparkly white base that shifts gold, pink and peach

Sun Warrior is a pinky apricot that shifts red and gold

Mountain Herbs Collector- another accidental repeat

The First Star of the Night is a peachy pink with lots of sparkle and a gold shift

Life-giving is a rose colored glitter pigment that shifts red and gold. The reason it looks so chunky is because I accidentally swatched it with a freshly washed brush that hadn’t had time to dry. It’s amazing in person.

Thank the gods we made it to the end! Quick closing comment…if you can’t find a certain shades on their ETSY page, its because it’s sold out. They only load a few of each item at a time but they restock regularly so check back in a few days. I’ve only used a few color on my eyes so far but based on the swatches my favorite colors are the three chromatic shades (duh), Life-giving, Mountain Herbs Collector, Malva Jungle Loafer, Dreaming of a World Split, Born in Crocus, Elven Princess and Matriarch. But of course that list is subject to change. I’m so glad that I finally got to try this brand and that their products are as amazing as I had envisioned. I hope that you’ll try them for yourself but be warned… they’re addicting. I already have another 20 shades hanging out in my etsy cart….


  1. I love your reviews, I can tell you actually put time and effort, and thought in to every one…i appreciate that! These are gorgeous..might have to pick some up!


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