Shayla X ColourPop Cosmetics Collaboration swatches and first thoughts (sans lippies)


Shayla X Colourpop!!!!!!!!! Collective YASS!! Confession: I don’t exactly follow youtubers as much as I check out their stuff on insta,  I almost never have the time to commit to a 20-30min video of anything so I don’t, BUT I knew of Shayla and I also knew how badly we needed a WOC collaboration with CP, and boy did she deliver! The line is out already and you can find it HERE.

You can also get $5 off by clicking here!

Let’s do it!

The collection has a Palette called PERCEPTION ($23), two new Luster Dusts ($7), three new LUX lipsticks ($7 each) and a gloss ($6). You can get this in a bundle with or without the PR BOX.

The packaging is black and purple casings and paint splatter print all over, I try to keep most of these and Im already one stack of shit away from an episode of Hoarders… The lux lipsticks do have the same casings as usual but the gloss has the paint splatter theme on the casing too.

The palette! I am in absolute love with it, it has blues and greens, purples, orange without skipping on base neutrals to pair. It’s a well rounded palette and one of my favorites on the collab.

Lets look at the shades:

The Luster Dusts: these are loose highlighters with a sifter, the shades are a bright gold (BOOMIN) and a bronze shade (POSE).

I knowwww! I owe you the lip swatches and I promise they are coming! I have tons of excuses but to my defense: I did do a live and swatched them there! Ok.. Ill have them out this week, feel free to harass me about them!

If you can only afford one small haul: get the palette and BOOMIN luster dust. $30 shipped free and you’ll have your summer makeup looks all planned out.

Ill keep you posted on the lippies!


  1. I absolutely love this collection, it’s nice to see a Youtuber come out with a more colourful palette rather than just nudes. I’m devastated it costs so much for delivery to the UK otherwise I’d deffo be getting my hands on some!x


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