Lime Crime Cosmetics “VENUS III” review, swatches and their translation to VELVETINE SHADES!

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Spring is upon us and everyone and their mother is coming up with pastels, leave it to Lime Crime to make it a grungy pastel style palette. Say what you want, they always have some quirky twist to their palettes and drama aside, I’ve loved their stuff from the early beginnings.  As I tested this palette and later writing this review, I couldn’t help but wonder if they inspired these shades on some of their current liquid lips shades (Velvetines)..

So with that thought, Im adding some conversions from the palette shades to their own lip products in case you want to coordinate and just for pure fun.

VENUS III is the same size as their other Venuses and meant as the pastel fairy sister of the other Venus’s. It’s pretty, I dig it even where there are some problem shades.

Lets dig in!

VENUS III is $38, cruelty free and vegan. If you purchase from Lime Crime directly, shipping is $5.95, unless your cart is over $50, if you purchase from ULTA its the same shipping, however you do get points that translate to MONEYYYYY! So that is my recommendation, plus Ulta does have a ton of other brands you can pick from to make that $50 cap for free shipping AND they ship rather quick. Does it sound like I’m the chick that would buy soap and random items I don’t need to get free shipping? because yes, yes I am.  Buy from ULTA CLICK HERE.

There are 8 shades in total with five different finish names on this palette and Im going to translate them below:

Matte: duh
Shimmer Matte: Matte with a little bit of shimmers within it, doesn’t show unless you macro really
Iridescent Shimmer: bright shimmer
Glow: a satin – non matte finish
Metallic: Extreme shimmer!

The shades pair well with each other, the mattes are very soft and blended well, some pickup which was expected given the level of pigment you are getting with one swatch, the shimmers required layering if you wanted opacity, or at least to be applied with a wet brush for that foiled look; by themselves they worked more as a glitter topper. Lets just go into each shade separately so I can break this bih down.


Mauve (matte): On pan this looks like an innocent pink but swatch this and you’ll have a matte mauve thats a standalone shade, I can use this as a base for a wing. Mauve is the new mustard.  Similar to their lip shade in “SASHA”.


Lit lilac with pink shift (iridescent shimmer). This shade acts more of a glitter topper, it required a few swipes for full opacity but it looks amazing on top of white/black or even over any of the other shades in the palette. Similar to their Metallic Velvetine in MERCURY. 


Rich rose gold (iridescent shimmer): This was the one that gave me some trouble as its chunkier than I expected and got the case of the “hard Pan” right after I swatched it. SIMILAR TO BLONDIE VELVETINE.


Soft blush with blue flash (shimmer matte): OH LALA this is the prettiest soft warm pink and surprise, if you look close it has some blue shimmer. To get the shimmers to show, pack this on the lid with a flat shader brush,  if you blend it out, the shimmers are so tiny you won’t catch it.  SIMILAR TO MARSHMALLOW but without the shimmer.

First four shades swatch reel:


Dried fig (matte): a pretty brown with rose undertones.  Their TEDDY BEAR shade has the same feel but is rosier.

Bright fuchsia with blue glow (glow) : The star of the show, it swatches bright!! it applies bright! its the purple pink we needed! I applied this on the lid over a white base (Nyx Cosmetics Jumbo pencil in WHITE)  and on the waterline over a black eyeliner (Mac eye Kohl in “smolder”. )  and yes IM POSTING A SELFIE! to demonstrate the difference.  The only shade that comes close is UTOPIA but this one is more of a cleaner shade without the shimmer.

Top Lid: PARADISE over white base, water line: PARADISE over black base. Highlight: BLACKMOON COSMETICS IN CATSHARK. Lips: Colourpop CURVII gloss with Prismatic Rose on the cupid’s bow (Smashbox x Vladamua). Foundation is SUNDAY RILEY INFLUENCER over ROSE GOLD primer (smashbox) Lashes VELOUR halfsies, which I realize now I should’ve lined my lid to even out the lash strip…. but I was going to a beer festival on a mountain at night so IDGAF.. Blush: ROSEMANTIC


Rosewood (matte) more of a mauve based terra-cotta. Gorgeous shade too and similar to their lip velvetine in “RIOT”.

Minky lavender brown (metallic): You can see the lavender freckles on the shade and on pan it looks more of a brown. Swatched it translates to a dark rose gold shade.  I don’t have a lip dupe for that one, if you do, please feel free to let me know as Id love to find this on lip version.

BOTTOM shades swatch reel:

More swatch porn to end the post on a right note:

Let me know if you pick this up and tag me on your looks!!!!


  1. Wow Paradise really IS the Star of the show!! Love your look! Do you feel that this palette is the same quality as the first two or a little lesser quality? Also did you guys swatch and review the Venus XL palette? I missed it somehow if you did!


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