Tammy Tanuka ‘Sigil Inspired’ Pigment Swatches

Tammy Tanuka ‘Sigil Inspired’ Loose Pigments ($4.50-$7)

I’ve been stalking Tammy Tanuka for YEARS now. No lie, I’ve probably got screenshots that date back at least three years. So when they asked me if I’d be interested in reviewing some of their products, I responded by doing a series of backflips. I was feeling very limber that day. After trying these beauties for the last week or two, I’m happy to report that they’re everything that I dreamed they would be! I mean did you see that packaging! It has to be the most unique and special presentation that I’ve ever seen.

You guys know that I’m always down to try new products and I’ll buy basically anything that y’all recommend. The only thing that held me back from ordering from Tammy sooner was the fact that I was intimidated by their Russian website. Luckily they have an etsy store that’s entirely in English/dollars! Their processing times are very speedy but the shipping takes a long time so if you know that you’re lacking patience, then I would probably pass. My order took about three weeks to arrive. The longest part was waiting for processing in Moscow. After that it was smooth sailing.

I was also very impressed with their prices. I loved the products they sent, so I decided that I needed to get more to swatch for you guys. I ordered about 20 pigments and with international shipping, my order was still less than $100. The pigments come in 2 sizes. A 1 gram jar is $4.50 and a 2 gram jar is $7. The smaller option should be plenty unless it’s a color that you plan on using constantly.

Adoration is a blackened teal that shifts blue, green and purple

Magician of Fire is a bright sparkly, tangerine orange

Rapture shifts from magenta to purple to burgundy

Subduing Look is a deep royal purple with pink and blue sparkle

Awakening is an ultra metallic spring green with gold shimmer.

The First Star of the Night is a peachy pink with pink sparkle

Dreaming of a World Split is lavender with a pink duochrome shift

Player with Waves is an aqua blue with gold shimmer and a mint green shift

Mother of the Prismatic Dragon shifts between blue, green, gray and lavender

Octopus has a black base with tons of gold shimmer

I’m 100% in love with all 10 colors! I’m so glad that I was finally able to try this brand and I can’t wait for my second order to arrive. I highly recommend checking out Tammy Tanuka for yourself. The products are well worth the wait!


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