ColourPop Cosmetics ‘Festival Collection’ Dupes

Whenever ColourPop releases a new collection of pressed shadows, I feel the need to compare with MUG and ABH. Usually there’s a lot of similar shades. When I swatched this collection I immediately thought of my Nabla Cosmetics eyeshadows.

The top section is ABH shadows and one Sugarpill, bottom is MUG and one Sugarpill and the middle section is Nabla. ColourPop and Makeup Geek eyeshadows are similarly priced so you’re not really saving much money either way. It’s more of a ‘if you have one, you don’t need the other’ type situation. I’m sorry that I’m explaining something that’s so blatantly obvious but every time I do a dupe post on ig, I get at least one genius saying something like ‘But they’re both the same price’ or my personal favorite ‘Wouldn’t it be cheaper to just buy the palette?’. These questions make me want go all scorched earth and shit so I try to prevent them by dumbing shit down. Dupe is short for duplicate, meaning the same. Often one is cheaper than the other but not always. The cliffs notes portion of this post is over now. Back to your regularly scheduled programming.

Okay so we’re going to start with Nabla set because these shades were the closest.

🌼BPM vs Aphrodite- Both are reddish coppers but Aphrodite is more orange. Mac Coppering is also similar.

🌻Cutoffs vs Millennium- Millennium is a little more peach and Cutoffs is more pink but otherwise they’re very similar. Mac Motif is also similar

🏵On the Rise vs Cattleya- these two are pretty close but On the Rise is a little darker. I think that MUG Masquerade is pretty close too.

🌺Slay-Farer vs Babylon- these two def aren’t dupes. Babylon is a few shades darker and more green and Slay-Farer is more aqua

🥀Night Show vs Cleo- another close match! Night Show is a little more gold and Cleo is a bit more brassy.

🌷Two to Mango vs Lotus- Similar tones but Lotus is a few shades darker.

🌹La Playa vs Zoe- I think these two are nearly identical. I don’t see any difference!

So Slay-Farer/ Babylon and Two to Mango/Lotus are def not dupes but I think that the other five pairs are close enough that you probably don’t need both.

Part two! Unfortunately this set isn’t as close as the last but there’s a few similar shades. All of the top eyeshadows are from MUG except the orange which is from Sugarpill.

🌸Bratty vs SP Flamepoint- Flamepoint is slightly deeper and more red

🌻Deja Boo vs Pixie Dust- These are both lime green satins. Deja Boo is lighter and more gold

🏵Prowlin’ vs Pillow Talk- Both are shimmery lavenders. Pillow Talk is more silvery and Prowlin’ is more gold

🌺Backstage vs Boo Berry- Backstage is brighter and it has subtle green undertones. Boo Berry is deeper with subtle purple undertones.

🥀Rascal vs Fortune Teller- these two are both yellow golds with a foiled finish. They’re very similar but in person, Fortune Teller pulls a little more green

🌷Chauffer vs Sin City- Chauffer is more orange and Sin City is more gold. FYI Chauffer is also in the Yes Please palette

🌹Formation vs Shark Bait- Both are teal with a matte finish. Shark Bait is deeper and a little more green

No dupes here but Bratty/ Flamepoint, Rascal/ Fortune Teller and Formation/ Shark Bait are close enough that if you already have one, you probably don’t need the other.

I was way off with this last set but I did the swatches so I’m showing you anyway! Just goes to show that you can’t judge just by looking at the pans. All the top shadows are from ABH except the red which is from Sugarpill.

🌺Hop On vs Sugarpill Love+- Hop On is lighter and more orange

🏵Feathered vs Red Earth- Both are red brown mattes but Feathered is much deeper

🌻Kill Switch vs Party Dress- these two are matte browns with gold glitter. Party Dress is lighter and more peach

🥀20 Something vs Peach Sorbet- both are peachy golds with lots of sparkle. 20 Something is darker and a little more warm toned

🌹Burner vs Sangria- these two are both a deep cranberry color with a shimmery finish. Burner is a bit darker and slightly more purple. MUG Anarchy and Mac Cranberry are also similar.

🌸Fault Line vs Iridescent Purple- these two are deep, cool toned violets. Fault Line is slightly more blue but they’re pretty close.

🌼Comeback Kid vs Gem- Both are light peachy golds. Gem is a little pink. Mac Gleam is also very similar

From this last set, I’d say that Burner/ Sangria, Fault Line vs Iridescent Purple and Comeback Kid/ Gem are close enough that you don’t need both. The other four sets are very different.

That’s all, folks! Hopefully this post will help you narrow down your wish lists and prevent you from buying duplicate colors!

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