OPV Beauty Metal and Liquid Glitter: Review, Swatches and Discount Code

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OPV Beauty Metal and Liquid Glitter

($12.60, w/ affil. code BEAUTYCULT)

OPV Beauty recently released these glitter liners in 20 shades! They’re gorgeous but keep in mind that OPV is a UK based company so shipping will be a little spendy if you’re in the US. If you’re in the UK then heeeeeeeyyy!

Before we get into the review, I wanted to post these two photos first to better illustrate the formula, which is glitter suspended in a clear liquid base.

You could use them as lid toppers by applying one layer for a little bit of sparkle or you can layer them to full opacity. They do layer well but I’ve found that you need to let the product dry completely between layers.

These swatches are 2.5 layers. I say 2.5 because I did 2 full layers and then went in and filled in any gaps.

As I mentioned above, one layer will give you a sheer glittery overlay, perfect as a lid topper.

Two layers is mostly opaque. However I’ve found that they build best if you apply thin layers and wait for the product to dry completely before applying more. And they’re rather slow drying. I’d say it takes about minute but once they set, they’re not budging!

Champagne Fantasy is a silvery lavender.

Come Sunshine is silver with rainbow reflects.

No Limit is sort of in between silver and gold.

Topsy and Sparkler 02 are both yellow golds. But Topsy has a finer glitter that looks almost metallic when built up.

Flash Light is a lime green.

Vixen is a bright emerald green.

Tease Me is an aqua blue.

Star Girl is a bright royal blue.

Sparkler is a cornflower blue.

Oh and there’s two named Sparkler for some reason. The blue is Sparkler and the gold is Sparkler 2.

Dime is rose gold.

Beauty Queen is chocolate brown.

Give Me Glow is an amber gold.

Olivia is a ruby red.

Pretty Please is a rusty copper.

Peyton is a pinky copper.

Mystic is a mid-toned rose.

Glistening Ray is a cool toned pink

B-glowing is a reddish purple.

Show Stopper is a deep violet.

I have a few of the UD Razor Sharp liners and also some of the Nabla Dazzle Liners. I don’t find either product to be comparable because they both have metallic bases with flecks of glitter whereas the OPV ones are glitter in clear base. A few of you asked about the JD glow glitter liners but since I don’t have any of them, I can’t say whether or not they’re similar.

My only constructive criticism is that I wish they had a few more shades like Topsy that are more ‘metal’ than ‘glitter’. I’d definitely recommend getting one to try if you live in the UK. If you’re in the US, just keep in mind the shipping charges. I think it’s around $10. My favorite shades are Topsy, Pretty Please, Peyton, Give Me Glow and B-glowing. Thanks in advance if you choose to use our affiliate code BEAUTYCULT to save 10% at OPV!

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