ColourPop Cosmetics Festival Collection ULTRA SATIN LIPS and unwanted JERSEY SHORE rant…


CABS ARE HEREEEEE!!!!!!!!!! You know my guetto arse is totes watching the Jersey Shore reunion while I type thisssss!!!!! If you don’t partake of this mess, scroll to the second paragraph. If you dooooooooo:  1. These people have not changed (except the obvious face enhancements). I feel they are like the train wreck roommates we all had at some point in our 20’s and Im so living through them!! Im low key closet trashy like that in the sense that if I wasn’t happily married with a kid, I’d probably would’ve convinced Angela to move in together and spend all our weekends going to drag shows and getting hammered by a pool (she doesn’t drink, I try not to, but margaritas and wine have a way of finding me over and over). 2. Ronnie totes still loves Sammie! he’s sooo shook and keeps mentioning it and I think its terrible cause he was such an abusive person towards this chic and I felt so attacked every time they fought. Sammie: if you’re reading this, kudos for empowering yourself and NOT being part of this mess, cause he would’ve just been trying to sweet talk you. Kid or no kid which brings me to 3: he’s acting like he’s doing this girl a favor by staying with her and “doing the right thing”. Dear Ron: if you’re reading this (lol I’ll stop soon I promise) this is 2018 and no woman needs no man to raise a kid specially if such man is acting like such an immature kid trying so hard to talk about their ex in national television. Be there for the kid but I found it insulting that he’s got a pregnant girl at home and has to prove somehow over and over that he’s just “trying to do the right thing” like he wouldn’t be there otherwise? how rude! I hope you get lice in MIA. Ok rant over…


ANYWAY! Along with the 24 pressed eyeshadows ($4 each) dropping tomorrow April 6th, there are 12 new ULTRA SATIN LIPS dropping and I cannot be any more amped! Satins are my jam! Soft and plush on your lips and semi matte/semi gloss finish so your lips look amazing without getting drying. I get every single one that releases even if it’s not being sent via PR cause I live on that formula. Each will retail for $6.50 and I think there will be a set available but price has not been disclosed yet.

Now, the shades


Note that COME UP has a smidge more orange than BEEOKAY which has a tangerine tone.


FORTUNE FAVORITES is a tomato red while FELIX is a true orange. SHE SAID is a darker berry pink.


KISMET is a coral, MUCHO is a bright pink, FLUKE is a cool toned violet.


CHANCE is a creamy berry, HI SUPPOSE is a fuchsia, GIFTED is a pink cranberry.

Some more angles and different lighting!

Sorry for the scratch, I was playing around with my one dog…


The Eyeshadows were already reviewed HERE


AND MY PICKS!!! If you can’t afford the whole thing, I picked out the shades I thought were pretty different and standouts from the whole selection. I will be lip swatching them through the week, bear with me as I am barely getting out of my bronchitis and putting makeup on wasn’t on my list as much as bumming it out on the couch was.

What are you picking from this drop!?

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