Makeup Room Makeover!! Plus Storage Tips and Tricks!

Strap in boys and girls! This one is going to be a doozy! I recently decided that I like makeup more than guests and due to that fact, my makeup should now live in the larger guestroom instead of the smaller one where it previously resided. This article is going to outline the whole process and hopefully you may get an idea or two along the way!

Where to begin… I didn’t really get any decent before besides this one of a dirty empty room…

Now it looks like this!

Okay so step one was the paint. The color is Coffee Rose by Olympic Paint.

And for funsies I added in six packets of this awesome glitter designed to be mixed with paint!

Allow the mixing process to hypnotize you…

My dog, Sampson, was very interested in the project from the beginning.

So interested that he decided to help.

We had a mauve dog for about a week.

The finished effect looks so cool in person (but it’s very hard to capture on film). It’s not obnoxiously glittery but it has tons of sparkle, especially in the sunlight.

Now let’s move on to the most exciting part… the desk!

Here it is freshly assembled.

It’s the basic Ikea Alex drawers with the Linnmon table. There’s a reason that everyone uses Ikea furniture in their makeup rooms. It’s cheap af and efficient. I seriously considered getting black or gray to be less basic bitch. But I already had several white units and I prefer a lighter, brighter look. And I’m a basic bitch. What of it? However if you don’t live within driving distance of an Ikea you may want to consider alternatives because their shipping is expensive and takes FOREVER. Here’s a nearly identical cabinet from Target.

And here she is all set up!!

Before I get into all stuff on the walls and whatnot, let me show you what’s in my drawers!

Sonny Cosmetics makes an entire line of acrylic organizers specially designed for Alex drawers (or any drawers with similar measurements). We have an affiliate code with them BEAUTYCULT for 20% off sitewide.

The two photos below are their 39 slot compact organizers.

This next organizer is one of the most useful, in my opinion, the 35 slot foundation organizer.

Below is a lipstick organizer that holds 130 tubes!

Another extremely useful addition is this 4 slot brush organizer which I’m using to organize my skincare.

The next one is similar, with 6 slots meant for eyeliners. Again I’m using it for skincare and large powders etc.

This one is a 72 slot eyeshadow organizer. It would be ideal for ColourPop shadows but mine holds pigments.

The last two are half sized organizers. One has 20 slots and the other has 15. The 15 slot one has wider spaces for chunky compacts or powders.

On to the top of vanity! This cool thing is a magnetic board that holds my ColourPop collection! I’ve used this method for almost 3 years and I’ve never had a single causality!

First you’ll need a magnetic board. My new one is fucking enormous, 36 × 24. You probably don’t need one nearly so large. Here’s my old one that measures 18.5 × 11.5.

It’s probably a more reasonable size for most people. The boards come with the screws and whatnot that you’ll need to mount it the wall.
Next you need magnets. Now this part is crucial… they need to be STRONG! You don’t want any accidents.
And lastly you’ll need super glue or a glue gun to glue the magnets to the back of your makeup. I’ve always used a glue gun but several people have told me that they got better results with super glue.

The type of magnetic board and glue doesn’t matter but the magnets are key. As you can see, they’re small enough not to cover the shadow names. I’m accident prone af but I’ve never had anything fall off of one these boards because the magnets that I use are beasts. I’ve still got lots of space on mine so I’m probably going to add some pigments and any other single shadows that I’ve got kicking around.

You can also do the same thing with palettes!

I posted several progress pics on ig and I’ve gotten a ton of questions about these hanging wall organizers.

They’re pretty awesome. They’re meant to hold children’s art supplies and whatnot but they’re perfect for makeup!

The tubes are different widths and depths so you can use them for a bunch of different stuff and they hold a ton. And they’re only $20!

I got this huge mirror from home goods but I found a similar one at Target and I love this little ring light mirror for makeup.

I made sure to get an adjustable chair for the occasional client work that I do from home.

I use this pretty mirrored tray for skincare that I use often.

And I love using different sizes vases (or these) for brushes.

You could also use planters with vase filler to keep the brushes in place.

These spiney looking things are two sets of Ikea Lack bookcases pushed together. Here’s a similar item from Target.

These cubey things are two sets of Ikea Eket cabinets but again Target has something comparable.

The ring light and stand were PR items from OPV Beauty. We have an affiliate code with them BEAUTYCULT but honestly you could find similar products elsewhere for much cheaper.

And here they are filled with all my crap! I use them to store my vast magnetic palette collection and more acrylic organizers. Unfortunately all of the large organizers up top are from a company that’s no longer in business so I’m not going to focus on them.

The smaller ones are from Rovanza.

This set of drawers has the same dimensions as my Alex cabinets but it’s on wheels. You can buy a similar giant acrylic box from Sonny, the same place that sells the drawer inserts.

I bought this big ugly bookcase from yard sale.

I sanded it and then painted the outside and shelves white and the trim and backsplash with the purple glitter paint that I used on the walls.

And now it houses my 10,573 palettes! I much prefer keeping them out where I can see them. Plus it would take about 5 sets Alex drawers to hold these bad boys.

This thingy is meant to hold a pottery bowl but it’s a perfect stand for a few of your favorite palettes!

We’re almost done guys, I swear. I bought this huge LED light from Lowe’s and it was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. That shit is bright af!

The room has the world’s smallest walk in closet which just holds my spray tan tent and airbrush compressor. I never spray tan myself but occasionally I get client requests. In liu of messing with those ugly ass wooden doors, I just made a simple curtain. I don’t really like it though so I’ll probably end up making something more aesthically pleasing at some point.

I do like the simple window curtain that I threw together though. That one can stay I think.

And lastly I got this ENORMOUS sheepskin rug when I did the makeup for a huge Greek wedding. I was admiring it and the grandmother literally insisted that I take it. Now I finally have a large enough area for it.

And that’s about it! I’m not completely done. I bought some cute cabinet knobs for all of my drawers and I need to hang some artwork and get some hanging lights etc. Odds and ends. But all and all I’m thrilled with how it turned out. Congratulations if you made it all the way to the end! I hope that you got a idea or two and that you enjoyed taking a peek at my room!


  1. You did an amazing job, and I also like makeup more than guests which is why my beauty room has the biggest of three guest rooms and then the guests have to sleep in the basement. Off with them.

    I love the lacks pushed together but I’ve never been able to make that work, other than that and the book case our rooms are almost identical! (My palettes reside in a 9 drawer Alex stack) all palettes all the time.


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