Sumbody Skincare – Spring recommendations!

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Spring is here y’all!!! and this means: forget about the pasty flaky winter skin and get ready for it to be dewy and caressable! (me hopes..). Angela did an intro to Sumbody  on this post above and reviewed these goods below. Let us know if you have tried any so far.!!


Don’t miss Angela’s Blog post on these!! 

Sumbody is not new to me, it is actually a very loved brand in my book, for its affordability without compromising natural ingredients so this time, Im showing you some other goodies I have had the chance to try. Don’t forget to save 15% off with our affil code BEAUTYCULT.




SUM FIZZER: this baby is huge! ready to fill the largest of tubs with amazing moisturizing suds and a relaxing fresh scent. BUSY MOM HACK: I actually smashed it into several small pieces, and put one or two chunks in a baby tub full of water and soak my feet at the end of a long day after everyone’s gone to sleep, I don’t have to waste an entire tub of water, and I don’t have the patience to sit in water for hours BUT I can certainly give my feetsies some loving and indulge on the aromatherapy it provides.

FACIAL MIST: Rich with Witch Hazel, Lavender and Rosemary this baby is great to refresh my face during the day. Sometimes Im doing stories in the sunroom and the sun beating on my face can get it a bit irritated (Im extremely sensitive) so I spritz some to calm it down.

SALT SCRUB – DEEP SEA: This version of their scrub promises detoxification and hydration. I can’t tell if it detoxify me but the fine particles did exfoliate my dry skin thoroughly and left it soft to the touch.

CREME DE LA CREME FACE MASK: I reviewed this before on my IG, this is a cooling rehydrating mask and I absolutely love when I can recognize the ingredients of the things I put on my face.

You can practically eat it!!!!

Let me know in the comments if you are into “Natural” skincare or makeup and what other brands you think we should try! Would love to hear from you.

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