ColourPop New Brushes – thoughts and dupes

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New year, new brushes. These dropped a few weeks ago but I didn’t want to post these unless I had a full rounded opinion.

These have a white handle with SURPRISE! Numbers now written on them which is genius, I hate to have to refer to a brush by whatever quirky name a company gives them. Plus I have so many brushes (it’s an addiction!) that trying to remember them by actual name – nah. So I appreciate a code name printed on the handle, however when you look them up by that name on the website, no luck. They are still coming up only under their former names. What gives? I’m cranky today.

Let’s get to it

F8 – $9 Flat angled contour.

This is a small brush designed to apply and buff contour creams. It worked well blending but I won’t contour so I probably will use this better for blending foundation on small areas like the sides of my nose, blending concealer etc.

Comparing to other flat and angled brushes such as MAC 196 ($35), WAYNE GOSS 01 (two different releases and only part of the anniversary set $210), HAKUHODO 5554 and 5557.

The far right is the ColourPop one, these others are just there for comparison purposes and in no way suggested as dupes.

F14 duo fiber face brush $10

These are meant for stipling creams and liquids and it was great for applying súper shock cheek.

It’s a close dupe for MAC 187 ($42) (I’m showing the short handle version that was LE.

Left is Cp and right is MAC. My mac is an oldie and hasn’t been washed recently so it’s prob collected some dust resulting in the off white color. Mah bad.

F9 – it’s the same but smaller $8 for blending smaller areas like concealer or cream contour.

Comparing here left is F9 right is F14

F15 flat kabuki $10 – a big workhorse for blending foundation on, or even buffing our blush.

It’s the very close as SIGMA F80 $25

Left is ColourPop – right is Sigma. I have washed this over and over and it’s stained! It’s such a dense brush!! It’s great for blending things in.

F11 mini duo fiber $7 ideal for blending concealer or diffused application of cream highlights on smaller areas

Similar to Mac 288 (couldn’t find it online, apparently sold out) – has natural and synthetic mix of bristles that allow for diffusing creams. Great for súper shock shadows.

the F7 and F10…. how do I put this not so bluntly: I don’t use these type of brushes ever and all I can say is they’re soft. I’m sorry but I’ll be honest, you won’t need the F7 if you use the pointy part of a blender sponge – it’s got the same function and F10 is too small for blush and too dense for cream bronzer, I fell I would be there blending forever. Please don’t make me review these

F13 $13 is a full fan face brush and it’s my favorite!!!!

It’s great for highlighting and even bronzing, it’s got the angle to apply a precise dose of glow but it’s also got girthy bristles to blend it all in.

It’s similar as MAC 140s ($42) But I find the Mac one a bit scratchy in comparison.

I have yet a third brush to compare it to: Hakuhodo F1230 which is entirely too soft and great for blending but does not apply powder itself so well as I feel it falls out.

Alrighty! These are all of the new brushes dropped! Let me know if you’ve gotten any and which and how you liked!!!


  1. I jumped right on these as soon as they launched – I knew exactly which ones I wanted too! I picked up the F13 (thick fan brush) for bronzing & the F8 (smaller dense angled brush) for cream contouring. They both perform really well for me. I’ve never had any interest CP’s previous brushes (only because I have my faves), but I do have one from their very 1st brush launch. I got it free w/purchase. It was an angled liner brush w/a pink handle. I still have it & it works fine. Aside from that one, these are the only brushes that have ever gotten my attention. 😊 I’m happy with them so far!


    • I jumped right on these – I picked up the F13 (fan for bronzing) & the F8 (dense angled for cream contour). They both perform really well. I’ve never had any interest in previous brushes from CP (but only because I have my faves), but these are the only CP brushes that have ever gotten my attention. 😊 I’m quite happy w/them so far. If you haven’t picked them up yet, you really should! 😊

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