Melt Cosmetics Empty Pro Palettes


I debated getting these, insisting I didn’t need more empty palettes but thank DOG I did it!!!! I finally organized my Melt Cosmetics stacks!!!!! They were severely underutilized for the main reason that I kept forgetting which stack had which shade I needed and given the current state of disorder on my vanity, putting anything on it is losing it… it’s like a black hole right now.

Also, I had them for the longest all linked together on a dangerously high melt stack taller than anything else on my vanity… it felt like it would fall and one day in the middle of finding a shade I dropped half of them (no one died)..

So having these on a palette makes it easy for me to use. They retail for $15 each and consist of two metallic sides that clasp together with slots for 8 stack shadows on each side for a total of 16, with a foam divisor.

It’s irritating me that RUST was 5 shades and now I have a 3 hole HOLE staring back at me.

PROS: Organization! The stacks are a cute idea but not practical, I have very small timeframes to get my makeup done, I need to be able to find shit. Keeps everything safe and the foam divider is great for separating them and keeping them in place.

CONS: constantly selling out… sign up for their newsletter for word on the restocks. The metal is not hardcore HARD and it may feel like they may bend, don’t sit on them. Idk why I’m saying that.

Also each side is not attached to the other side which is a con and a pro: a pro cause you can split them, Mix and match your palettes; CON cause I’m a clumsy basterd and I KNOW I will open them one day and one side will fly from my hands into the abyss.

That said: I need a 3 stack family to fill the one palette, also excited to be able to use these more now that they don’t feel so at peril.

Did you get these? If not: how do you organize your stacks?

Also: go congratulate bosslady Lora Arellano on her baby bumperoni. Baby is prob gonna be born with a sleeve and full blown smokey eye and Im hoping he’s a boy so dragonia can be his older lady friend and maybe by some weird rules of attraction I’ll be somehow related to Lora and 25 years from now be invited to thanksgiving.

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