Ipsy is a $10 a month beauty subscription service that includes a makeup bag and five deluxe samples. And you guys…. I got a good bag this month!! Shocking, I know. My last few bags were absolutely horrendous so I was due for a winner. Here’s what I got…

First zee bag… normally I don’t care about the bag but this one appeals to me for some reason. It lives in my purse now.

IBY Beauty Radiant Glow Highlighter in 24k Magic ($7.20)- this is a pretty peachy gold highlighter. It looks kinda dark in the pan but it flatters my fair skin. I’ve worn it like five times already.

Luxie Beauty 249 Double Sided Brush ($24)- Yippie! A brush! I dig Luxie brushes. They hold up well after dozens of washings and they get the job done. There’s a blending brush on one side and a tapered shader on the other. Good deal.

Sand & Sky Purifying Pink Clay Mask ($10.50)- I was actually really excited about this mask! I got an Australian pink clay mask from another brand (check out my review on instagram) and I really liked it. Pink clay is great for dry and mature skin and I’m officially a believer. And in general I like getting mask samples to try.

Seraphine Botanicals Blush in Lychee + Gold ($14)- I friggin LOVE this blush! It’s a peachy pink with gold iridescence and a creamy texture. I adore blushes and bronzers with satin finishes. If you’ve never tried them, I implore you to do so! I swear that some fucktard youtuber said one day that you can only wear matte face products and matte eyeshadows in the crease of the eye and to this day, people believe it. Ladies and gentlemen, you can and should use satin products in your crease and on your face. I’ve been working as a makeup artist on and off for thirteen years now (Christ I’m getting old) and I would never use all matte eyeshadows on mature eyelids. Not even mature. Satins are amazing for anyone over 40 or so, who has just the beginning signs of aging. Satins are much more forgiving and flattering. You’re not going to look sparkly. I promise. Yikes! That was a tangent and a half. In conclusion, I like the blush.

Hey Honey Come Undone Makeup Remover ($9.60)- This is a gel makeup remover. I like it. It gets the job. I’ve used almost the entire the sample already.

And a bonus item…

Luxie Beauty 522 Tapered Highlighter Brush ($24)- I cashed in 600 Ipsy points to get this bad boy. You get points by reviewing products and referring friends etc. I actually already have this brush but I have a good amount of points to redeem and I figured that it would be a good giveaway item.

Ipsy is $10 month and the value of my items this month was over $65! Closer to $90, if you include the second brush. It was a REALLY good month. I genuinely like every single item that I received. But don’t worry. I’m sure that next month will be extra bad and I’ll be back to my standard ranting and raving. Get off the Ipsy waiting list here!


  1. That highlighter brush looks perfect. Does it work okay with blush too? I’ve been eyeing a liquid highlighter from Seraphine Botanicals. I’ll have to check out that blush as well.


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