ColourPop Cosmetics new Luster Dusts – swatches and review.

Press sample

Bam! That’s what you came for right? I completely destroyed my liver this weekend, the dragon, aka our toddler was away with auntie and parents night out became a blur, so I obviously didn’t have the energy to swatch these on the subsequent days as I was busy trying not to die.

Luster Dusts are loose highlighters and as ColourPop develops this formula, they are venturing into duochrome world. Cue my screams of giddiness.

They are $7 originally but during the weekend they were $5, yes I suck for not swatching earlier, and to my defense I did do preview swatches on my stories. I feel like a bad cult momma.

They contain 3g of powder on a little pot with a sifter cap, and the least expensive I’ve seen loose highlighters go for.

For your reference my other favorite loose powders are Saucebox Champagne bomb ($15 for 3g, 10% with code SAUCECULT10) and Artist Couture ILLUMINATI ($27 for 4.5g).


Described as a soft ivory with a gold and silver sheen. This was the prettiest blindiest (not a word but I’m rolling with it) but it did have a lot of fall out, I actually put a crystal liquid highlighters as base on my face after I realized that it needed a bit of extra to stay in there.


A soft lilac with pink duochrome. The prettiest!!! A soft shade that allowed for layering over Rose Quartz liquid highlighter perfectly.


A pale pink with an icy sheen. This one was very glittery, as it contained a loooot of pearls and there is just a certain amount of people that can pull off glitter on the face. I am not one of them, cool if you are – no hate- sooo I’ll be using this on the lid instead- inner corner happiness all around too.


A pale peachy pink with pink and gold duochrome. It was hard to photograph the peachy characteristics as the pink predominated BUT it is significantly warmer toned than sugar trap. I like Saucebox’s Phoenix kiss for that ULTRA peach duochrome factor.


A rich pink with a gold flip. This is there ALL THE BACON AND EGGS ARE! This was my favorite and I see my woc rejoicing, but fret not medium toned cultists: it can be a slight wash of color without compromising the shift. Imma be wearing this everywhere and as I’m going on vacation and hope to fake tan in time (I don’t real tan guys, I cower in the shade with a healthy dose of SPF as cancer and aging are a real thing).

An extra swatchy for your enjoyment

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