At long last the project is complete! I also did finger swatches so that you can clearly see the similarities and differences. Most of the links are affiliate. Thanks in advance, if you decide to purchase any of the dupes through our links! I love doing posts like this but buying products does get expensive. Now I’m going to sleep for a week but first let me show you what I came up with!

🔹️Glucose vs Makeup Geek White Lies ($6, save 10% w/ code BEAUTYCULT)- These are both bright white mattes. Alternatives: Devinah Cosmetics Blow or any matte white in your collection.

🔹️Sugarcane vs Makeup Geek Confection ($6, save 10% with code BEAUTYCULT)- These two are powder pink mattes. They’re nearly identical to my eyes. Other alternatives: ColourPop Lucky You, MUG Buffed

🔹️Cake Mix vs Makeup Geek Bake Sale ($6, save 10% w/ code BEAUTYCULT)- Both are matte soft browns. Cake Mix is a little darker and more pink. Other alternatives- Looxi Beauty Pretty as a Peach

🔹️Ouch vs Anastasia Beverly Hills Caramel ($12)- Ouch is a warm brown with yellow undertones. Caramel is darker. My first two choices (MUG Tiki Hut, CP Note to Self) were discontinued. Other alternatives: MUG Frappe, MUG Sora

🔹️Donor vs Makeup Geek Legend ($10, save 10% w/ code BEAUTYCULT)- Donor is a warm bronze with a metallic finish. It’s more gold than Legend. Other alternatives- ColourPop Paper Crane

🔹️Intravenous vs ColourPop Facet ($4)- Intravenous is a dark brown with red undertones. Facet is more red. Other alternatives- MUG Cherry Cola, ABH Red Earth

🔹️Candy Floss vs ColourPop So Jaded ($4)- Candy Floss is a pale frosted pink with lavender undertones. It’s slightly darker than So Jaded. Other alternatives- ColourPop On the Fence

🔹️Tongue Pop vs Devinah Cosmetics Penelope ($4 with code BEAUTYCULT)- Tongue Pop is a matte coral. It’s a teeny bit more pink than Penelope. Other alternatives- ColourPop Wait For It, ColourPop Cut-outs

🔹️Sweetener vs Makeup Geek Cosmopolitan ($6, save 10% w/ code BEAUTYCULT)- Sweetener is a peachy gold with a pink and orange shift. It’s lighter than Cosmopolitan. Other alternatives- ColourPop Salt Water

🔹️Cavity vs Sugarpill Dollipop ($10)- Cavity is a neon pink matte. It’s nearly identical to Dollipop. Other alternatives- Suva Beauty Sangria Sundays

🔹️O Positive vs Devinah Cosmetics Pandora ($4 with code BEAUTYCULT)- O Positive is a grayish mauve. It’s darker than Pandora. Other alternatives- MUG Unexpected

🔹️Root Canal vs Sugarpill 2am ($10)- Root Canal is a bright purple with subtle red undertones. It’s a little lighter and more pink than 2am. Other alternatives- Suva Beauty Funny Face, ColourPop 143

🔹️Prick vs Devinah Cosmetics Sura ($4 with code BEAUTYCULT)- Prick is a bright red-orange matte. It’s more red than Sura. Other alternatives- Inglot 366, ColourPop Oh Ship (discontinued)

🔹️Cherry Soda vs Coastal Scents Pomegranate Red ($2)- Cherry Soda is a matte cherry red. It’s darker than Pomegranate Red. Other alternatives- Make Up For Ever Morello Cherry, Inglot 296, Devinah Cosmetics Ilithyia

🔹️Fresh Meat vs Suva Beauty Hookah ($11)- Fresh Meat is a matte raspberry. It’s more red than Hookah. Other alternatives- ColourPop Stay Golden

🔹️Blood Sugar vs Devinah Cosmetics Blazed ($4 with code BEAUTYCULT)- Blood Sugar is an ultra metallic red with copper undertones. It’s a little darker than Blazed. Other alternatives- Devinah Cosmetics Salvatore

🔹️Extraction vs ColourPop Going Steady ($4)- Extraction is a deep berry color with a matte finish. Going Steady is a little darker and more purple. Other alternatives- Suva Beauty Denarau

🔹️Coma vs Inglot Cosmetics 297 ($7)- Coma is a matte eggplant. It’s lighter than 297. Other alternatives- Make Up For Ever Eggplant

Tada! We’ve reached the end! I’m very happy with what I came up with and I hope that you found this post helpful!


  1. Great dupes!! Are the dupes vegan, cruelty free? I am a vegan and prefer vegan makeup. I am neutral on Jeffree Star. I watched a few of his YouTube videos and he literally blasts companies that do not have a foundation/concealer spectrum that includes PoC. I have heard that his pans are quite large for any pressed products.


  2. Um sure if you only want a color but otherwise it’s a lot more expensive. And i’d say the jeffree star formulanis better than most of those.


  3. Dammmnnnn, girl!!! This is like the BEST dupe showdown ever!! Seriously!! I think you nailed EVERY single one of these shades – and, yes I know you’re more educated when it comes to the undertones and warmth/coolness of a shade, but thats what makes you such a great artist. As for my regular, old, aging eyes are concerned though, you got every one of these spot on!! I’ve never seen such accurate dupes, even from you 😉
    As far as this palette, I never knew that I wanted it until I read this post. Lord knows I don’t need it, but it’s really pretty!
    Thanks again for such a great job!!


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