Make Up For Ever Star Lit palette $45

Hi guys. My name is Angela and I’m addicted to glitter. It’s been about 10 minutes since I used my last glitter.

This palette just popped up out of no where and, of course, I bought it. Because it’s sparkly. I ordered it online with the assumption that most of the colors would be similar to the shades in all of my other glitter palettes.

Exhibit A:

Then when I saw it in person, I instantly thought of the glittery shades in the Pat McGrath Mothership palettes. Upon swatching it, I realized that I was wrong on both accounts. More on this later…

Okay so here’s what MUFE has to say about their new baby:

A limited-edition eyeshadow palette with a breakthrough glitter formula, featuring six sparkling, prismatic shades ranging from radiant berries to brilliant bronzes. Make your eyes pop with the next generation of glitter. As the newest innovation in the iconic Star Lit family, these glitters catch the light for an intense sparkling effect unlike any other. It’s time to bid adieu to the days of messy application. These smooth, creamy, ultra-glitter eyeshadows apply easily and are fallout-free. The unique formula allows you to apply the glitter directly with your fingers or a brush. With intense color payoff, these duo-chrome shades may be worn alone for singular impact or layered in endless ways to create multiple looks with just one palette.

Basically they’re claiming that the product will adhere to bare skin without any fall out, eliminating the need for glitter glue. Sounds good to me! Before I give you my thoughts on the formula, let’s discuss the stats. The palette is $45 and limited edition. It was made in Italy. I thought that $45 was a little steep considering that you’re only getting 6 eyeshadows so I decided to do the math and see. You’re getting 6 eyeshadows that are 1.5 grams each for a total weight of 9 grams. $45 ÷ 9 grams= $5 per gram. Pretty expensive. But for reference the Too Faced Glitter Bomb palette is $5.63 per gram (for the glitter shades. I’m not counting the two random mattes they included). The Fenty Beauty Galaxy palette is only $3 gram. And here’s the kicker… the Urban Decay Moondust palette? $8.75 per gram! Yikes! So I’d say that Star Lit is reasonably priced when compared to similar products. Enough small talk. Bring on the swatches!

I started doing these swatches over the Lit Cosmetics glitter base but I quickly realized that it wasn’t necessary. The formula is very creamy and sticks to the skin just fine on its own. Perhaps I should’ve read the description first. Now I’m going to need you to prepare yourself because I took a LOT of pics!

I would describe the formula as a cross between ColourPop SS and Stila Magnificent Metals (the ones in the jars). They’re not as creamy as CP. So they’re not going to dry out when exposed to air and they apply well with brushes.

The texture feels similar to the Stila shadows but much smoother and more user friendly. I’m actually pretty crazy about this MUFE formula!

I wouldn’t say that there’s zero fall out but it’s definitely minimal. I get a little bit when I blend around the edges of my lid color but that’s about it.

When using the palette on it’s own, without any type of adhesive, I got a little bit of transfer to my upper lid area but again, not much. If you have hooded eyes, you might want to use a glitter glue to prevent that from happening. I didn’t have any creasing and very little fading after a full day’s wear.

Reflection has a white base with strong pink reflects and a more subtle gold shift. I was expecting it be a dupe for Pat McGrath Astral Ghost and they are very similar in color. Astral Ghost has a more granular formula and it’s sheer. Reflection has a more intense and opaque pink shift.

I was expecting Prism to be a dupe for UD Solstice, Mac Boom Boom Room and Pat McGrath VR Violet. They’re all in the same color family but the other three are quite sheer and Prism has an opaque pinky mauve base.

I was expecting Spark to be a dupe for Pat McGrath Pale Gold from the Subliminal palette. Wrong again. Spark is a very soft gold with a pink shift. Pale Gold is much more yellow in comparison.

Flame is a chocolatey bronze with tons of pink and gold glitter. I didn’t have a specific dupe in mind for Flame but it turned out to be quite similar to Urban Decay Midnight Blast.

I was sure that Flicker was going to be a dupe for Pat McGrath VR Nectar but in keeping with the theme, I was wrong. Flicker is an apricot pink with orange undertones and a gold shift. VR Nectar is much lighter and more gold. Same with Recharged from the Moondust palette. Flicker is very similar to a discontinued Mac pigment, Pink Bronze.

Beam has a magenta base with blue sparkle and a purple shift. It’s similar to UD Shockwave and Hot Damn from the Too Faced Glitter Bomb palette.

This palette was such a pleasant surprise for me! I wasn’t expecting to love it as much as I do. If you’re some one who loves glitter but can’t be bothered with the the mess, then this is the palette for you. I know that I’ll reach for it way more than my other glitter palettes since it doesn’t require a glitter adhesive. You could use it to create dramatic looks or you could use your fingertip to apply a tiny hint of sparkle. The Star Lit palette is limited edition and I’m not very familiar with Make Up For Ever I have no idea how long it will be around. If you want it I would get it soon, just to be safe!


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