Viseart Seamless Setting Powder and Eye Primer – review and the two way street of makeup packaging

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It’s no secret that Viseart is the name in the business for quality, well made cosmetics. Their palettes have been consistently amazing and their matte formula is unparalleled. I’m sorry to say but there just aren’t better mattes and please try to prove me wrong. They are indeed costly but they make up with a lot of product, you’ll basically take Viseart palettes way into the nursing home and be barely hitting pan. The newcomers are a complement to their current releases and venturing into the murky waters of skincare-ish items. When you have perfected a cosmetic, you go into perfecting its canvas right!?

The SEAMLESS new products were sent to me via MUSE BEAUTY PRO and you can get them HERE.

The SEAMLESS SETTING POWDER – $35 for 8g/0.28 oz. first of all, let’s get it out of the way: yes it’s freaking amazing, yes it blurs your pores and sets your makeup beautifully, yes it made my foundation last longer over a strenuous day. But do you need to pay $35 for a quarter ounce when RCMA gets you 3 ounces for $12?

The question is convenience.

Viseart’s little pot of gold will certainly set you back cocaine prices, but the packaging it comes in is made for this type of powder. It has a mesh cover that prevents the over spillage of the product, it has a indented lid that covers such mesh so there isn’t spillage inside the pot.

Exhibit A:

Exhibit B:

So while you probably have a dupeable product, you have the convenience that RCMA Lacked. I found myself reaching for it more often because RCMA would require me to venture into opening the jar to a cloud of powder. I cannot tell you how many times I’ve started my makeup routine having to dust my face off like a powdered donut; I am a mess, my vanity is a war zone so my RCMA bottle is usually laying somewhere sideways, ready to set my makeup but spill half of itself in the process.

Viseart’s Seamless setting powder opens to a clean eventless start and do I dare say my skin is much smoother at the end.

Will I buy again? Yes. I loved the product and so far it’s proven its worth, but I will probably refill the empty casing with my RCMA and cheat on it with it so I don’t use my good powder on say, a trip to the store.

The SEAMLESS EYE PRIMER is 10ml for $24 of the BEST EYE PRIMER I HAVE FKEN TRIED. I’m sorry. It is. It creates a smooth canvas whilst moisturizing my lid; it made mattes smoother to apply and kept foils intact! I’ve tried for days and it has delivered an extended wear of whatever shadows I’ve thrown into it.


I. Hate. The packaging.

There, I said it. The product itself is like nothing I’ve tried, but the tube it comes in doesn’t allow for proper dosage and it just ends up spilling way more than what I need. Also it settles so if I don’t shake it before I use, I get a separated version of it. And I can’t tell if it’s separated because the tube is black.

Please make this on a better presentation!?! This is the primer matte wearers have been waiting for! I’ve been a self proclaimed mac paint pot wearer forever, and this changed my evil ways. But that tube needs to go.

Have you tried any of these? Thoughts?

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  1. That primer sounds really nice! I might have to pick the powder up after I finish ones I’m currently using. I love that style of packaging!! Loose setting powders are always so messy but I prefer them to pressed lol


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