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Surprise! Juvia’s Place is blessing us with a new brush set! And in my opinion, it’s their best yet! It’s a set of seven vegan brushes and it will be available on February 15, the same day that the Festival collection drops (check out my Festival review here). No word on price yet but I would guess that it’ll be around $30. $40 at the most. And as always, our affiliate code BEAUTYCULT will save you 10%. Thanks in advance if you choose to use it. We appreciate your support! These are Juvia’s first white fiber brushes (besides the Alo collab). Unlike their previous brushes, these have numbers and names printed on the handle.

Okay! Let’s meet the players!

❤ 001 Tapered Blending Brush- this is a tapered face brush. The size and shape make it very versatile. You could use it for setting powder, the shape is perfect for the undereye area. You could also use it for blush, bronzer, contour, highlight… endless possibilities! And this guy is SOFT. I thought it was goat at first.

❤ 002 Small Definer Brush- this is a flat, pointed shader brush and it’s also multi-functional. You could use this for undereye concealer, spot concealing, cut creases, precision highlighting and contouring… shall I go on? The firm fibers and pointed tip allow for the precise application of cream and powder products

❤ 003 Precision Eyebrow Brush- this one is self explanatory. It has short, firm fibers that will give you lots of control. Perfect for carving out brows or winged liner.

❤ 004 Precision Concealer Brush- this is a flat, tapered paddle style brush. In addition to concealer, you could also use it for cream contour or foundation.

❤ 005 Small Buffer Brush- this is a dense shader brush. I’ve been using it to apply lid colors and to highlight the brow bone.

❤ 006 Blending Brush- the bristles of the 006 are long but also narrow which will allow you to define the socket of eye. It’s perfect for hooded eyes. It will also be good for blending out small areas since the fibers don’t splay out much.

❤ 007 Pro Blending Brush- this is one those essential ‘217’ style brushes. I’d imagine that I’m going to get the most use out of this guy!

And there you have it! I think that this a set of brushes that everyone can enjoy, regardless of skill level. And I love that every brush can perform multiple functions. I’ve been using JP brushes for years and I can attest to their quality. Unlike a lot of affordable brushes, they stand up to the test of time. They don’t fall apart, shed or get scratchy over time. I highly recommend adding this set to your collection on the 15th! And if you wanted to use our affiliate code BEAUTYCULT to save 10%, that would be just fine with me!

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