Natasha Denona CITRUS – Diamond and Blush palette

Press Sample, affil link.

Aw crap. I wanted to like it. I basically am so up Natasha Denona’s ass I will someday be found on a colonoscopy. I love her! She’s a great makeup artist and 90% of her products have been a hit in my book, she’s a down to earth broad … but I just did not dig this one. While it’s sister, DARYA became this year’s valentine, CITRUS just fell flat and I’m still convinced I just might’ve gotten a dud.

The lovely folk at Beautylish send me these palettes for my review, I already had the pleasure to fawn over DARYA and you can see those swatches and review HERE.

CITRUS sold out quick and hard, and got restocked already At Beautylish HERE

The premise is the same as DARYA: two creams, a duochrome highlighter, a powder blush, a fine pressed glitter and an “extreme” glow.

The GLOW CREAM to be used as a base: In this case it’s a bronze shade . Picture above is half by itself and half with the diamond powder on top. On darker skintones you will be able to use this as a base to layer the diamond powder over, I think it’s too orange to let light skinned – med skin get away with it.

A cream blush that’s a nice pretty Coral, my favorite out on this palette and very easy to work with even if you’re a cream blush virgin.

A duo glow highlighter in a green gold shifting powder. Pretty but dupeable (think LOOXI’s STILETTO)

A diamond powder (it says it’s medium toned but I think it’s the same as DARYA, I didn’t see much difference)

The powder blush is meant to be a warmer peach but it was very hard to swatch, the powder was still and neither brush or fingers got me an opaque swatch. I rubbed hard against that pan and it just kept getting stiffer.

The extreme glow is described as a warm bronze but was also hard to swatch and not as extreme as I’d want it to be.

Conclusion: there are 6 shades, 1 that you can dupe (duo glow) , 1 that you prob have already if you got DARYA (diamond powder), a dud powder (powder blush), a not so bright highlighter (extreme glow)… that’s 4 shades out of 6 I had a bitchy thing to say. Come on Natasha!!!!! After the huge success that was DARYA, this felt like the less cool sister. I strongly suggest you try these in store (they dropped at SEPHORA since I might as well gotten a dud (this shit happens in the makeup world! And had I purchased this item, I’m sure Beautylish would’ve exchanged it for me, as their policies are super accommodating and have set my bar high in terms of how they treat the client).

Here’s more swatches I’m grumpily attaching as I think they’re def not the best, I wanted to like it so hard and it’s the first time I’ve been this disappointed with a Denona product.. it’s like waking up to realizing there’s no Santa.

I refuse! I’ll take my lazy butt to Sephora to swatch them again soon…

til then, some swatches I’m not happy about:

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