Ofra Cosmetics “Me, Myself and I” collection

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2018 is the year of the girl, the year where we are not letting a minuscule detail like being single or not deter anyone from celebrating Valentine’s. Remember the real definition of love comes from within, from loving oneself, valuing oneself, putting ourselves up on a pedestal because it always needs to start from inside so we can project it outwards. Ofra Cosmetics is celebrating that and dropping a new Valentine’s Day collection with the theme being “self love”.

ME, MYSELF AND I drops tomorrow Tuesday Jan 30th at 1pm EST and consists of the following:

PILLOW TALK highlighter ($35 But $24.50 with our affil code BEAUTYCULT) is an icy pink highlighter with a lot of silver. Non glittery and full of high beaming sheen.

This is available by itself or part of the new palette (keep reading!).

A bit of a different lighting:

FEELIN MYSELF highlighter palette ($35 But with our 30% off: $24.50) is a trifecta of favorite shades: RODEO DRIVE, BLISSFUL and PILLOW TALK (new). The first two are currently available as full sized items, and Pillow Talk joins the ranks tomorrow as the featured newcomer.

There is also a brightening mask that promises dark spot correction. It’ll retail for $19 ($13.30 with our code) and it’s a pink version of their currently brightening mask.

The mask is a light pink shade on application and it has a perfume scent that is meant to be relaxing, but I found it to be a bit strong to my liking. The mask itself was refreshing and delicate enough on my sensitive skin, leaving it slightly moisturized but I have not used it enough times to attest to any of the skincare claims; I’ll eventually report on that.

The lipstick trio!

Ofra’s liquid lipstick formula is one of my favorites (only second to COLOURPOP’s satin formula). They are mattes but they are amazingly comfortable on the lips, compromising somewhat its matte finish (which I don’t care, I honestly am done with dry matte lips).

Satin finishes, moisturized plush lips are in, leaving fully matte lips a thing of the past.

Los lip swatches :

UNZIPPED is a new shade in a violet mauve

SANTA ANA is a reddened magenta

MINA was nicely applied on a light layer, when I layered it up, it pooled on my lines making for an uneven application

All are available independently and I recommend SANTA ANA and UNZIPPED as the winners here.

Are you picking up? Don’t forget 30% of our code and treat yourself!

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