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The Midnight Affair collection officially drops on February 9th but they’re also offering a pre-order for the BUNDLE ONLY, which is available now. Their last matte collection sold out in six hours so this time they want to ensure that everyone who wants the set is able to get it without waiting for a restock. The full collection is $40 or the shades can be purchased individually for $4 with our affiliate code BEAUTYCULT ($50/$5 without).

Before we get into the review and swatches, here’s a photo of Devinah’s full collection of matte shadows. For some reason I have 2 of ‘promise’ and I didn’t realize it until I was writing down the names or else I would’ve left one out. The names with the * after them are from the new Midnight Affair collection.

Row 1: blow, verity, fenella, gaia, seppia, ethereal, infamy

Row 2: promise, promise, pandora, penelope, passion, suki*, adorn, manic

Row 3: starlite, romeo, rainbow brite, shy violet, vixen, aria, push, desma

Row 4: lala orange, sura, ilithyia, runa*, lara mie*, lucretia, nemesis, bambi

Row 5: capri, anastasia, naevia, iduna*, darena*, courtney, crixus, freya*

Row 6: canary yellow, spark, miranda, viridian, thisbe*, envy, sky dancer, jaded

Row 7: twink, buddy blue, candy, naval, esme*, zane*, patrina*, grunge

Also I’ve been doing some swatches on instagram showing how the new shades compare to her older mattes, if you’re interested.

I love Devinah’s mattes and these new shades are especially good. My only real constructive criticism with her previous matte collection was that some of the shades had a tendency to sheer out unless you blended them gently. I haven’t noticed this in any of the new shades so far. These are soft mattes however, so they have a bit of kick up. Not like Subculture level kick up but you’ll still want to use a light hand. Lightly tap your brush into the pan, tap off the excess product and have at it. Don’t go swirling your brush around like a ten year old ADHD kid who’s off their Ritalin (or a ‘beauty guru’ filming a YouTube video) and you’ll have no problems! For reference, imo Devinah mattes are most comparable to Lorac. Okay so let’s meet the girls, shall we?!

Zane is a smoky midnight blue. I’m not a blue girl but Zane is pretty neutral as opposed to bright 80’s blue. So far I’ve mostly used it on the upper and lower lash line and to deepen up the crease.

Freya is a dark brown with strong olive undertones. I’ve been using it with the yellow and orange that we’ll discuss next and let me tell you guys, they’re a trio made in heaven. They work perfectly together.

Darena is light, muted yellow with strong khaki undertones. Those khaki tones make it ideal to pair with olives and greens.

Iduna is a mid-toned orange. Again it’s more muted than bright making it more wearable and office appropriate.

Runa is a true red but it’s subtle orange undertones tone it down a bit and make it a little more approachable for those who get a little nervous about wearing bright colors.

Lara Mie is also red but it’s softer than Runa. Where Runa pulls orange, Lara Mie’s undertones are more mauve.

Suki… I’ve always said that Passion is my, hands down, favorite Devinah matte but I think Suki might give it a run for its money. It’s a mid-toned mauvey plum that will flatter every eye color.

Esme is difficult to describe. I would say it’s either a deep periwinkle or a dusty royal blue but regardless how you want to describe it, it’s surprisingly good. I say surprisingly because deep purple mattes are notoriously difficult to formulate. They’re usually a patchy mess. But Esme has excellent pigmentation and applies smoothly.

Thisbe is pure green. I would almost call it a primary green. I have green eyes so I tend to steer clear of green eyeshadow. I’ve mostly been using Thisbe on my lower lash line but I will say that it pairs very well with the yellow, orange, olive trio that I mentioned above.

Patrina is a deep, dark navy blue. This is one that you’ll want to use with a light hand. A little bit is a lot and a lot is full on 90’s Courtney Love. I’ve been using Suki all over the crease with just a dab of Patrina on the outer corner and blended through the socket line. Mixed with the mauve it looks more purple.

And there you have it! All ten shades! I really feel like this collection has something for everyone. There’s warm tones, there’s cool tones, there’s lights, and darks, and everything in between. And while obviously this is a colorful collection, the tones are muted and wearable. If you’re looking to incorporate more color into your makeup routine but you’re a little nervous about it, these colors are perfect. You could take just one and pair it entirely with neutrals for a subtle hint color. And of course those who embrace the color life can go ham. Mattes are extremely difficult to formulate. I mean pretty much every major brand has put out at least a few shitty mattes. And it’s much harder for an indie brand that doesn’t have the benefit of expensive machinery to press the ingredients with a few tons of pressure. Devinah has some of the best hand pressed that I’ve ever tried and her formulas and technique continue to improve. I’m enjoying the whole collection but my top recommendation is Suki followed by Darena, Freya and Iduna. I just love how those three play together! The collection is available for pre-order
now and will go on regular sale beginning on February 9th. Our affiliate code BEAUTYCULT will save you 20% on all Devinah products. Thanks in advance if you choose to use it, we appreciate your support!


  1. Lol, once again, My Jedi Makeup Masters (Mistresses?), your stunning photos and informative, yet very fair and honest review has tips the scales in favore of ordering a few of the shades in this collecion, as I’d been on the fence before….. So thank you again, so much!!!! Oh, before I forget, have y’all written anything on Devinah’s ‘Over the Rainbow’ Collection…. AND – (last question, I promise) have y’all heard of/tried out the brand called Bad Habit????? I’d love to see what you ladie think…. Thanks again for such an amazing site, and have a wonderful weekend!


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