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OPV Beauty Oshun Palette

The Oshun palette officially starts shipping tomorrow, January 27th but you can pre-order now. The palette retails for £29 ($41.17USD) but you can use our affiliate code BEAUTYCULT to knock the price down £26.10 or about $37. They offer free UK shipping on orders over £50 but if you’re in the US, keep in mind that you will have to pay for international shipping as well. The layout and ingredients are the same as their Yemoja palette. The palette is cruelty free and formulated without parabens. However it does have mineral oil. Also my sample packaging doesn’t have product weights or say where it was made. Most of their palettes are made in China so I would presume that this one as well but I’m really not sure.

As I was working on swatches, my first impression was that it reminds me of the ND Sunset palette. Unfortunately I don’t have that one but I do have the Yes Please palette, if you’re interested in a comparison. I don’t know if there’s any dupes but there’s at least 5 shades that are similar. However you’re getting A LOT more product with Oshun. As I said, I can’t find the exact weight but they’re big pans, I would estimate them to be 2-3 grams each. Overall the palette performs very well. Let’s go through each shade and I’ll give you the rundown…

Golden is a muted cranberry with a satiny finish.

Coral is one of two shades in the palette that require a little finesse. It’s a beautiful, sparkly yellow gold that’s more like a pressed pigment than a regular shadow. It has large pigment particles that really need a sticky base to adhere to the skin.

Amber is a white satin with a hint of pink sheen. It has decent pigmentation but it’s on the powdery side.

Gravity is a bright orangey gold with a foiled finish. All of the foiled metallics in the palette are smooth and creamy with excellent pigmentation.

Treasure is the second shade that took a little extra work. It’s a gorgeous, light peachy gold but it’s so emollient that it doesn’t apply evenly with a brush. I got much better results using my fingertip.

Aura is a mid-toned matte orange. Great color pay and easy to blend.

Royal is a deep amber gold with an ultra-metallic finish. Gorgina.

Love Stoned is a metallic copper with hints of pink and orange.

Cuba is probably my favorite color in the palette. It’s also a metallic copper but where Love Stoned is bright with orange undertones, Cuba is a more muted, burnished copper. It’s so metallic that it looks wet. Love!

Mystic is mid-toned berry matte. It’s soft without being powdery and it has great color pay off.

Vetiver is a neon orange. A little goes a long way with this color so start slow!

Sandalwood is a yellow matte with khaki undertones.

I dig this palette. The shadows are smooth, pigmented and generally user friendly. The two colors that I mentioned, Coral and Treasure, require some training wheels but other than that I have no complaints. Oh wait. Amber, the white, was kinda meh. Not bad but not bomb like the rest of the shades. Also the palette really needed a darker matte. There’s only four mattes in the whole shebang and they’re all mid-toned.

So would I recommend?? If you live in the UK and you’re down with color scheme then I would say get it! Hooray for no customs or international shipping!! But if you live in the US, I don’t know if it’s worth it. The color scheme is very similar to the CP Yes, Please palette that you can buy for $16. They’re definitely not the same but they’re close enough that you could create similar looks with both. And of course, the Oshun palette is a lot bigger. It’s a beautiful palette and I’m enjoying it a lot but I don’t think I’d pay $40 for it. Thoughts guys?! Yay?? Nay???


  1. The whole feel of this brand screams “Juvias Place rip off” to me, from the packaging style to the size of pan to color selection, but for a very inflated price. I don’t know if JP eyeshadows are available in Europe, but they are much more reasonable and fairly priced for the same amount of product and what looks like a similar formula. For $40 this palette isn’t worth it.


    • The formulas are different but the layout of the palettes are similar. There’s several other indie brands that use that style of packaging, Ace Beaute and Glamlite come to mind. But I mostly agree with you. Juvia’s does ship to Europe but then they’d have to pay international shipping and customs so I think this palette would be a good alternative for UK girls. I don’t think it’s worth it for those that live in the US tho


  2. If I did not have somewhat similar colors and this would be pretty much the only one with this type of colors, is a great purchase. But if you have fallen in the “purchasing too-much” bandwagon, maybe not (the tsunami of releases in 2017 did not help). A lot of brands are spewing browns, golds and coppers. I have quite a few in different brands.


    • Oh definitely! It’s a gorgeous palette and I love it but there’s too many cheaper alternatives in the US. But I do like to review some UK cosmetics now and then for my overseas readers.


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