Natasha Denona Diamond And Blush Palette: DARYA

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Natasha Denona has done it again: released a big ole palette that sells out in seconds regardless of price or even of many swatches before launch. She’s that good and so far I have myself fought tooth and nail every time she drops palettes cause I certainly don’t need more highlighters or blushes, but she can release a dog bone covered in peanut butter and I will get it. I’m not gonna lie, and I’m not ashamed. I’ve so far only been disappointed with one product: those toppers aren’t my cup of tea.

Thankfully Beautylish sent these over for review so if you hear a buzzing in your ear while you read this, is the sound of my own excitement and that basically I haven’t been able to put them down.


CITRUS is being restocked 1/31 at Beautylish too, so I will save my swatches and review til then.

These retail for $89 and contain 6 shades, each weighing 7g (6 x 7g in total) so you get a pretty amount of product per shade.

For reference:

Becca Blushes $32 have 6g

It cosmetics $24 have 4.2g

Hourglass $38 have 4.2g

Mac $23 for 6g

So on and so forth.

The palette is a sturdy plastic case in a light pink, it has a mirror on the inside and the cream products are protected with a plastic tab

These are the swatches and let’s break them down

The first pan has a glow cream base that is only a slight shimmer and meant as a base for the diamond powder.

Left is the base by itself, right is layered with the diamond powder.

Second on is a cream blush in a peach pink shade:

The third shade is a powder and it’s an insanely beautiful duochrome. Peach gold and even a slight hint of lavender. I can dedicate entire pages to this shade

A different angle:

The forth shade I swatch is the diamond powder which is basically a very fine, very delicate pressed glitter. It’s mostly silver and has slight copper and bronze but very very slight.

The fifth shade is a peach gold that layers beautifully over the cream blush. It’s duochromatic and I cannot wait to see this everywhere on my face

The last shade is called a GLOW EXTREME and is a shimmery highlighter (non glittery!)

These are meant to be mixed and matched and are recommended to medium to light skin, I think a tan face can also get away with these assortment of colors.

I tried this on my face and I liked that they didn’t cake up nor settle on my pores, they are surprisingly light weight and did not chalk up or looked over the top when I blended even the darkest duochrome one.

You can get them right now on Beautylish here !!!

Some more swatcheroos

Next to swatch CITRUS!!!


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