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Glamlite ‘Masterpiece’ Palette ($28, w/ affiliate code BEAUTYCULT)

So first zee deets…
the palette is cruelty free and vegan with sixteen eyeshadows that are two grams each. It’s formulated without parabens or mineral oil but it does have talc. The retail price is $35, or $28 if you use our affiliate code BEAUTYCULT to save 20%. It’s a sturdy cardboard palette with magnetic closures and a mirror. The palettes are made in China and assembled in the US. It has a neutral, mostly warmed toned color scheme with 9 mattes, 4 foiled shimmers and 3 glittery shadows with an extra emollient formula.

Tres Leches is a pale matte beige and the lightest shade in the palette. It has a smooth texture and decent pigmentation but personally I would’ve preferred a lighter highlight shade.

Gisselle is a medium to dark bronze with a foiled finish. It’s insanely pigmented, applies easily with a brush and adheres well to bare skin.

Glitz is one of the three glittery shades that I was talking about. The formula of Glitz is almost more cream than powder. It’s a dark silver with tons of glitter. I wouldn’t say that it’s difficult to apply but it’s one of those shades that needs training wheels. You’re going to get the best results by using either a glitter glue or setting spray and although you can apply it with a brush, fingertips would probably work better.

Slay is a mid-toned red brown with strong orange undertones. It’s pigmented and easy to blend.

Khalia is the second of the three glittery shades. It’s a creamy chocolate brown with tons of gold microglitter. Although it’s not as emollient as Glitz, the same application guidelines apply.

Sunset Blvd is a deep orange matte with excellent color pay off and blendibility.

@papiglam is the third and final glitter shadow. It’s an antique bronze with gold and silver glitter. You could definitely apply these shades with a brush but I would highly recommend using a fingertip and a sticky base to get the best color pay off and to avoid fall out.

Sunrise is a mid-toned yellow with orange undertones. It reminds me a lot of my beloved MUG Chickadee and is probably my favorite color in the palette.

#goals is a spring green with a foiled finish. All of the foiled shadows in the palette are very user friendly.

Peachy is a terracotta matte with red undertones.

Miracle is a warm bronze metallic. It’s lighter and more coppery than Gisselle

Sweet Latte is a medium matte brown with neutral undertones.

Chocolate Bae is a warm, red brown matte. Slay is lighter and more orange.

Inner Beauty is a coppery red with a creamy foiled finish.

Braveheart is a bright tomato red with a matte finish.

#melanin is the darkest shade in the palette. It’s a deep brown matte with neutral undertones.

Final thoughts…

I’ve used this palette several times now and I’ve gotten great results every time. The mattes are soft without being powdery. They’re also pigmented and easy to blend. The foiled formula is great too. No complaints. The glittery shades are the type of formula that you’ll either love or hate. If you’re someone who hates using your fingers or you don’t feel like messing with a setting spray then you probably won’t like them. I don’t have nails and I always apply my lid shade wet so it’s no problema for moi.

But of course there’s always room for improvement so let’s talk about my constructive criticism. The color scheme is very monochromatic. I love a red brown matte and I think everyone should have at least 117 in their collection. However I think the palette would’ve been a lot more versatile if they included a little more color. Also I would’ve liked a few lighter shades. A lighter matte highlight shade for sure but also a lighter shimmery shade for the inner corner.

I’ve been enjoying the Masterpiece palette a lot so far and I would recommend it. These aren’t especially unique colors but they’re beautiful, universally flattering and user friendly. You probably don’t NEED another warm neutral palette but for $28 (w/ code BEAUTYCULT), I don’t think that you’d regret adding it to the squad.

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