ColourPop Cosmetics In-Nude-Endo Face Palette

press sample

Face palettes galore! Winter is that time of the year when our faces loose the lackluster glow of warmer months, and we just tend to hide in our cots (aka the couch) with a Netflix and Chill agenda. Cosmetics companies know this and bombard us with pretty face things so we can fake that summer sheen and I’m loving every minute of it.

My favorite look any given day is heavy on the moisturizer, some lightweight foundation/bb cream, some good ole concealer, mascara, a bit of some smokey dark blush as a contour powder (mid cheeks to define/ not as an actual blush as I get red naturally) AND SHITTON OF HIGHLIGHTER. I kid you not, I walk around trying to look like the sun is on my face, even in the dark, to go to the grocery store, to go pick up dragonia at daycare.

I blind all the moms.

Obvi, whenever we get a new face palette I dive in like a duck (don’t correct me if ducks don’t dive, in my head they dive ok? )

The lightest shade doesn’t get chalky, which is the first thing I look at thinking of my melanin rich gals, the darkest shade might be too coppery for the pale crowd as a highlighter but can be sheered over or under blush to give that second dimension.

The formula has finer pearls than before, resulting in an ultimate smoother result and a delicate but very on point highlight. $16 gets you a full face palette with 6 different shades to pick and choose.

Word to the wise: as amazing as they are,  the shades themselves are pretty dupeable if you have been buying highlighting powders for a while, so don’t feel you will miss out on a groundbreaking never seen before shade, they are not. If you are looking for a sturdy travel friendly, all skintone loving set of highlighters and you don’t already have a large stash, then by all means get $16 out of your pocket and get this cause it is bomb.

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