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Tada!! How cool is this collection?! I don’t have much (any really) info for ya, as of now. All I know is that the tentative release date is February 15. But we know that Juvia’s Place likes to keep us on our toes. I’ve heard that there might be a pre-order for the palette but that’s just a rumor. But you might want to wait so that you can buy the cute box set.

As soon as I hear anything definite on pricing and whatnot, y’all will be the first to know! In the meantime, if you make any Juvia’s purchases, it would be greatly appreciated if you used our affiliate code BEAUTYCULT to save an extra 10%! 😁

Okay so let’s start with the palette since it might be available early. The Festival is a nine pan palette, the same size as Zulu, Saharan 2 and Dolce. It has 5 mattes and 4 shimmers. Actually Aba and Keleke seem more satiny than shimmery and Uli and Odogwu have foiled finishes.

The palette was formulated without parabens or mineral oil and of course all of Juvia’s products are cruelty free!

Izafa is a bright red matte. I’d compare it to Sugarpill Love +.

Uli is a creamy, silvery white with a foiled finish.

Ofala is a bright red orange matte. It reminds me of slowburn from the UD Electric palette.

Mmanwu is a vibrant coral peach. And my new favorite transition color.

Iri Ji is a bright magenta pink with a matte finish.

Oro is going to be everyone’s new favorite color. It’s that perfect mustardy yellow which sounds like it would be gross but actually looks amazing on everyone.

Keleke is a blackened gunmetal gray with a satin finish.

Aba is a vibrant teal blue with a satin finish.

Odogwu is a delicate peachy gold with a foiled finish.

The color selection is exactly what we’ve grown to expect from Juvia’s Place, a perfect mixture of bright colors and wearable neutrals. As you know, Juvia’s Place is a black owned business and as a woman of color, ChiChi, always creates products that will show up beautifully on brown skin. So one thing that you’ll always get from a Juvia’s palette is stellar pigmentation. I’m super pumped about these mattes! All five of them are colors that I use on the regular. I think that Festival might earn a coveted place of honor on my vanity!

And zee lippies! I’ve been wearing these two all week and you guys…. they’re amazing! If you follow me on instagram or you’re a regular reader of the blog then you probably know that I’m not usually a fan of matte lippies but this formula is so creamy and lush. I think you’ll be to tell by just looking at the swatches and the pics of the applicators. The lipsticks are paraben free, cruelty free, vegan and made in the US!

The tubes are long and skinny with the Juvia’s logo and the red and gold caps match the packaging of the box set. There’s no added fragrance so I can only detect the faint, vaguely medicinal scent of the ingredients.

Soil is a rich terracotta and Dudu is a deep, dark chocolate brown. On my freakishly pale skin, it almost looks black so I made sure to take pics in the sun so that you could see that hint of brown.

The formula is so creamy but still light weight and very comfortable. They take about a minute to dry down so you’ve got some wiggle room to clean up any boo-boos but once they set, these babies aren’t going anywhere! They last all day on me inspite of the fact that I’m always eating and I honestly don’t find them to be drying. Also they fade evenly so you don’t have to worry about the dreaded ring around the lips. Emma is our resident lip swatcher. So once she’s taken photos, I’ll ask her add them here along with her thoughts. She’s much more knowledgeable about liquid lippies so I’m sure that her review will be more insightful than mine.

Okay let’s recap! The Festival collection officially drops on February 15th but they often do pre-orders before hand. They’ve already hinted about a pre-order for the palette. But if you’re a packaging junkie, you’ll want to wait so that you can get the special box set. We haven’t heard any information on pricing yet but our affiliate code BEAUTYCULT will save you 10% off of all of Juvia’s products. As always I’m super impressed with the quality of the products. I hardly ever like matte lippies so I’m a little shocked that I didn’t find these to be drying. 2018 is going to be a big year for Juvia’s and I can’t wait to see what’s next!

Hijacking Angela’s post to add mah lip swatches. Cause y’all need to see these on the pout!


  1. Beautiful palette! Juvia’s Place always have great expected palette releases. I am excited to see that the first liquid lipsticks are being launched with the Festival Palette. I love the swatches ladies.


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