Popsugar is a $39 a month subscription service for women. It features a variety of products including beauty, lifestyle, fitness, houseware, accessories, food etc. I’ve been getting this box for about four years now and I don’t see myself ever cancelling it. It’s definitely more expensive than most subscription boxes but I like it because most of the items make great gift options. I’ve also discovered dozens of my favorite products and brands through this box. That being said, this month wasn’t my favorite. Here’s what I got…

Hat Attack Ribbed Hat with faux fur pom ($44)- little known fact- I crochet. So I’ve got tons of stuff like this. The hat is cute. It’s kinda sloutchy which I like but like I said, I don’t need it. I also don’t have anyone in mind who I think might enjoy it. I’ll most likely donate it to Women in Crises, an incredible organization in my state. This winter has been ungodly cold so I’m certain that someone will appreciate it. 

Nuun Hydration ($7)- these are kinda cool. They’re a fruit flavored multivitamin that you dissolve in your water. I drink nothing but water, coffee and thug passion so a little variety will be nice. And some extra vitamin c will come in handy this time of year. I’m kidding about the thug passion part. Although it is delicious. Do they even still make Alize? Am I aging myself?

Ban.do Best Year Ever wall calendar ($20)- McMeh. I actually like having something that I can physically write on to keep track of appointments and whatnot but I would’ve preferred a planner that I could keep in my purse over a big ass calender. But it’s already on my fridge with my upcoming events penciled in so at least I’m using it. 

Keepcup Original Clear Edition 16oz ($19)- sigh. I would estimate that we have approximately 127 travel mugs in our house. We use zero of them. And I swear that I got one of these cups from Popsugar before. Oh well.

Rxbar chocolate sea salt ($2)- this is some kind of natural protein bar that probably tastes like bark. I put it in my purse for when I’m desperate.

Farmacy Beauty Honey Drop Moisturizer ($45)- hallelujah! This month’s saving grace! I was introduced to Farmacy through Popsugar and I’ve loved every product that I’ve tried. 

This is a lightweight moisturizer with hyaluronic acid, Echinacea and honey. Plus it has the coolest feature ever. You know how lots of masks and moisturizers come with a little spatula so you don’t have to stick your dirty fingers in the jar? If you’re like me, you use it once and then it disappears never to be seen again. 

Honey Drop comes with a metal spatula and the lid is magnetized! This shit blew my mind. Such a smart idea.

And there you have it! Popsugar is $39 a month and this month’s value is $137. Now that I’ve talked my way through it, I suppose that it’s not so bad. The only thing that I’m really excited about is the moisturizer but I’ll use everything but the hat and the coffee cup. Plus I can donate those and get some good karma points. I need all the good karma that I can get. Ipsy review coming up next!


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