COLOURPOP’s Super Shock Cheek extension!


In the spirit of bringing colour back, ColourPop has dropped new blush and highlighters in the classic súper shock fórmula.

And yes: The best way to apply the highlighters is with your fingers, you will find this way to be the most pigmented, but you can also use a brush or even a wet beautyblender. That out of the way, let’s hit the swatches quickly.

There are pinks, lavenders, corals and coppery shades for the entire spectrum of skintones.


This is a light lavender highlighter with cool silvery shimmer.


this was a repromoted shade, fear not as the purple doesn’t come through on the cheeks but as a light violet pink


A warm shimmery pink


another repromo that we have been fiening for. This peach pink duochrome highlighter has spring as a middle name.

Some swatcheroos of the above

Left to right: Teasecake, Paralell, Rain And Rocket Science


This one is a light copper and the least impressive of the bunch.


This is a light copper shade that’s also been around before

DRIVE ME CRAZYIf you can only get two things, make this shade one of them please. A bright coral that can be layered if you’re darker or blended for a pale skin tone. BARDOTThis burnt terra-cotta was part of fall 2016 and it’s back as a delicious add-on to this extension. Some swatches of the above Left to right: BARDOT, DRIVE ME CRAZY, DROP OF A HAT and ON MY MIND. THATS IT! Let me know if you got any of these of if you’re holding back for whatever it is they’re teasing on the new posts: Drop your best guess!?!?!

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