So in case you haven’t heard, I apologize in advance for being the bearer of bad news… MUFE has discontinued their metal palettes. Boo! Hiss! They came out with a new version but they’re much smaller, double the price and lesser quality. So yeah… no more mufe for me.

With that being said, have you guys these palettes that Makeup Geek released last month??? 

They’re pretty fancy! The design is sleek and minimalist. It feels very ‘high end’ to me. First thing’s first, this is the biggest window I’ve ever seen on a magnetic palette and I love the rose gold detailing, especially the emblem in the center. 

I want to say that the material is a hard plastic but I could be wrong. It’s light weight and streamlined but it still feels quite solid. And the final selling point, it has a snap closure.

I gotta say though, these babies aren’t cheap. They retail for $28, which I believe is around the same price point as z palette. I think that XL Z-palettes are $28- $30 (but I thought they used to be $35?). I’ve included comparison photos below for reference. The MUG palette holds 28 pans. The L z-palette holds 27. 

There are definitely other palettes on the market that are larger and less expensive. If you have a lot of makeup, it would cost a fortune to store all of it in these MUG palettes. But I think they’ll be perfect for the average consumer who likes to have a pretty vanity set up. Due to the price and size, I wouldn’t be able to store my whole collection in these palettes but I think I’m going to get 2-3 more to hold my essential mattes that live on my vanity. 

$28 is def more than I would usually spend on a palette but I love the design enough to justify buying a few more. What do you guys think? Is $28 too much or do you think they’re worth it?


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