The Clover palette is $49 and it’s available at and Ulta. The palette is limited edition and was inspired by the owner’s chihuahua, Clover. To celebrate the launch of the palette, Too Faced donated $250,000 to Best Friends Animal Society.

Too Faced has been all over the place in terms of quality so I wasn’t sure what to expect with this palette. Actually I was expecting it to be horrendous and I was gearing up for a scathing review (I secretly don’t mind when a product is terrible because I find verbal decimation to be an excellent stress reliever) but alas I’m really enjoying this palette.

The packaging is whatever to me. It’s very cutesy and it fits the theme. I prefer simplicity but I don’t hate it. The palette has 18 eyeshadows that are 1g/.03oz each which works out to around $2.72 per gram. The palette was made in the US and assembled in the Dominican Republic. It’s cruelty free but not vegan. Alright now that we’ve discussed all the stats, let’s get into some swatches!

Puppy Eyes… of course we’d have to start with this shade. Puppy Eyes is by the worst color in the palette. It’s a white pearl with silver glitter. The color pay off is poor, it gets patchy if you try to layer it and the glitter doesn’t adhere well. Very disappointing. 

Lucky Clover is an interesting color. It’s a light seafoam green with a satin finish. It has a hint of sheen but not so much that you couldn’t use it as crease color. It would also be beautiful all over the lid or on the lower lash line.

Chihuahua is a light matte brown with subtle yellow undertones. All of the mattes in this palette performed very well.

Fur Baby is a mid-toned chocolate brown with a matte finish. Nice pigmentation, smooth application.

#SaveThemAll is kind of a mess too. It’s pretty but if you don’t use it wet, make sure your foundation isn’t done because it has a lot of fall out. 

Spoiled is metallic aqua. Very creamy texture. No complaints. 

I Ruff You is a light pearly pink. Gorgeous brow bone and inner corner highlight.

Paw Print is a mid-toned mauve matte. Again no complaints. All of the mattes in this palette are very nice. 

Ruh Roh is a burgundy metallic. This one has a good bit of fall out too. It’s not unmanageable but it will ruin your foundation if you’re not careful. 

Love Is Love is a bright matte pink. It has nice pigmentation initially but I noticed it tended to sheer out/fade.

Wet Kisses is a metallic orange with a foiled finish.

Woof is a very dark navy matte with blue glitter. The glitter doesn’t adhere all that well to bare skin. I would’ve much preferred a matte navy sans glitter.

Cuteness Overload is a shimmery ivory. It doesn’t have the best color pay off and will perform better over a sticky base.

Best Friends has a burgundy base with teal shimmer. It’s a like a lighter version of MUG Insomnia. 

Cuddle Buddy is a deep brown with mauve undertones and a matte finish

Daddies ♡ Me is a matte cherry red. It’s one of my favorite shades in the palette.

TF Mascot is a metallic orchid with pink glitter. It’s similar to Mac Stars N Rockets but darker

Good Boy was a nice surprise! It’s a matte yellow with a hint of silver sparkle. The sparkle mostly blends away and I could’ve done without it all together. But the color pay off is surprisingly intense. There’s a similar yellow in the PB & Honey. It was a beautiful color but ended up being a total disappointment because of its poor pigmentation. So I was really happy to see that they included a similar color with an improved formula in this palette. 

So to recap… I was very happy with all of the mattes in the Clover palette. However I wish they would’ve eliminated the glitter from Woof. Besides that the only shades that I found problematic were Cuteness Overload, Puppy Eyes and #SaveThemAll. Even with those few duds, I would still recommend this palette. There’s an equal mix of warm and cool tones making it very versatile. I also love how they included a ton of colors along with a few key mattes. And these are unique colors. When I look at this palette, I don’t instantly think of a million dupes that I already own. Overall it’s a decent quality, fun palette and a great way to incorporate some color into your collection. 


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