Ipsy is a $10 a month beauty subscription service that includes 5 samples and a makeup bag. I like Ipsy because they feature a bunch of different samples instead of giving everyone the same thing. I like the antipication of seeing what I got every month. Yes. My life is that boring. What of it? My November bag was fucking dismal so pretty much anything would be an improvement. December was aight but not my fav. Here’s what I got…

First zee bag! It’s silver with sequin trim and mint accents. Cute but kinda whatever. I rarely utilize the bags. 

Smashbox Eyeliner Gel in Fishnet ($13.50)- I need another black eyeliner like a fish needs a bicycle. But this one glides really smoothly and I can’t really bitch about Smashbox. I’ll use it eventually.

First Aid Beauty Face Cleanser ($5)- I feel like First Aid Beauty is an underrated brand. I’ve liked every FAB product that I’ve ever tried. However this time of year, I prefer a richer, more creamy cleanser so this one goes to the hubs. He’ll def use it.

TonyMoly The Green Tea Watery Cream ($5)- this a Korean skincare cream meant to be used as a final step. My skincare routine is pretty settled at this point so I’ve been using this on my hands and arms. It’s doing the trick but it’s nothing to write home about.

Pixi by Petra Mineral Duo in Orchid Ornament ($5)- pretty colors but meh. I never use these little eyeshadow compacts. However I’m getting a Christmas box together for my niece and this will be a nice addition. 

Luxie 239 Precision Shader Brush ($14)- hooray for a brush! This is a flat shader brush with a pointed tip. I like Luxie brushes. They hold up well after numerous washings. This one is going in my swatch brush cup where it will get used constantly. 
Ipsy is $10 a month and the value of my bag this month is around $42. Kinda crappy for Ipsy. Normally they average around $50. But it’s not terrible. I’ll def use the brush, I’ve already mostly used up the green tea cream and I’ll use the eyeliner eventually. My husband will use the face wash and the eyeshadow goes in the gift stash. Everything has a home. The only thing that I’m enthused about is the brush so it was a pretty lackluster month but it could’ve been worse so I’ll bite my tongue. 


  1. I’m supposed to get the eyeliner and shadow duo as well. The last thing I need is another eyeliner right now. If ipsy is going to send me eyeliners, I wish they would send some in different colors. It’s always black. My bag has yet to arrive though, even though it supposedly shipped almost 2 weeks ago. Ipsy says I have to wait the full 14 business days before they’ll do anything about it though.


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