Popsugar is a $39 monthly subscription service for women. It’s my favorite subscription box ever because of the variety of products that they include. There’s usually a beauty item but they also include accessories, houseware, lifestyle products etc. And the value is always at least $100, usually more like $150. Now that we got that little intro out of the way, let me introduce you to the December box, AKA my mother in laws Christmas present. Because she’s getting everything in this box…

Tilo Scarf ($98)- I’ve gotten at least one other Tilo scarf from Popsugar. I’m not much of a scarf person (except for the skinny ones that I tie around my head 99% of my life) but these are really beautiful and well made.

My mother in law will love it. 

Lalicious Sugar Scrub ($35)- this is random but Em and I both got a scrub from this brand in the mail last week. We have no idea who sent them and why. But I’ve used it several times and it’s a very nice scrub. Smells great and leaves the skin smooth and hydrated. $35 is kinda expensive but it is a big ol’ tub. Hopefully the mother in law likes it too!

Chloe + Isabel Pave Bar Long Pendant Necklace ($42)- I don’t wear much jewelry because I rarely leave my house unless I’m going to the gym. This is pretty though.

Not that it matters because it’s not for me! The mother in law wears lots of jewelry so she’ll like it, I’m sure. 

Baublebar Coaster Set ($38)- these are the cutest coasters ever. I couldn’t get a decent pic of them to save my life. I was half tempted to keep them. I incorporate sparkly crap like this into product pics and whatnot but no! The in laws just got a new winter home in Florida so they probably need little odds and ends like this. And if not, I’ll steal them back. 

Pier 1 Imports Candle ($15)- this is one hefty candle! It must weigh two pounds. I didn’t even smell it because I didn’t want to be tempted into keeping it. 
Ashkahn Gift Tags ($12)- okay, these I’m keeping because I can use them right away. I like when they include practical items like this. 

Wild Ophelia Sugar Cookie Bar ($3)- this is a fancy schmancy fair trade, non-gmo (whatever that means) chocolate bar. Whatever. I’m adding it to the stash. 
Popsugar is $39 a month and this month’s value was $243! Wowsa! The other thing that I love about this box is that everything that I won’t use is highly re-giftable. I would’ve used most of this stuff but I’d rather avoid Christmas shopping if at all possible. Definitely a good box this month!

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