Beauty Escape Cosmetics ‘Stranger Things’ Collection and More!


Dude. You guys. You’re going to die when you see these swatches. Their sheer beauty is going to cause heart palpitations. You’ve been warned… these five shadows are the ‘Stranger Things’ collection from Beauty Escape Cosmetics! All of these items are permanent but she (she being Ana, the boss lady of BEC) has a hard time keeping them in stock (and you’ll see why in second). I’d suggestion following the BEC instagram page where she’ll keep you informed of restocked dates. Her eyeshadows are $6.50 each and we have a non-affil discount code: BEAUTYCULT for 15% off.

Okay so now I want you to look at the two photos in the beginning of the post… those five eyeshadows are the ‘Stranger Things’ collection. Yes. That’s right. I said five. It’s the same eyeshadows in both photos. That, ladies and gentleman, is what I call duochrome! Okay, let meet the players!

The Upside Down is like 5 distinct colors, I swear. Straight on it looks like a deep seafoam green then from the side it’s a smoky, grayish blue. Then it shifts purple, pink, teal. Pretty much every color in the spectrum.

Eleven is a coral pink that shifts peach, gold and green.

Thessalhydra is a deep forest green with a plummy bronze flip.

Demogorgan is a deep sparkly teal with a magenta flip

Friends Don’t Lie is a gorgeous black satin. I’m calling it a satin because of how it applies but as you can see in the above photo, it’s completely matte with just a hint of sheen. Some people hear ‘satin’ and think ‘shimmer’ but that’s usually not the case. I’m a champion of the satin finish. But I’ll save that rant for a day.

So that was the Stranger Things collection! In addition to those five, I have four more new eyeshadows to show you!

There’s two things that shocked me about these guys. 1. Kaa… I was expecting this one to be pink with green shimmer but when I swatched it… bam! Lavender! It def shifts green and I think there’s some pink to it too. I just wasn’t prepared for lavender. 

Imma have to reswatch on a sunny day. I feel like I can’t analyze all the facets of a duochrome without bright sunlight. And it was snowing all day today. It might still be snowing for all I know. Anyway.

 Number 2 shocking fact: Scarlett Faith is vegan! I know, right?? I had no idea that this level of red could be achieved without either smooshed beetles or dyes that aren’t eye approved. You learn something new every day. Let’s not forget about Hestia and Ferngully!

 The former is a bright coral pink with gold shimmer and the latter… well first of all, it’s named Ferngully. So that’s fucking sweet. It’s a shimmery mint green with maybe a hint of aqua shimmer?

 Aurg! I need to invest in a big ass light so that I can friggin see in the winter. Oooooooo! Or maybe I can get one those hard hats with the headlight in the middle of it?? That would be so sexy. Anyway! I can’t choose any top recommendations from this set. Pinks and reds are always my favorite. No questions asked. But I’m also super intrigued by Kaa and clearly Ferngully is dope af too. And like I said next sunny day that I’m not busy, I’m going to reswatch because these pics kinda suck…

So if you’re reading this on the day that it was published, December 18, you’re in luck! She’s doing a restock of all these items at 12pm EST! If you’re reading this after the 18th and they’re sold out, follow her instagram for restock updates!


  1. Gorgeous colors- can’t take my eyes off them!!
    How do you manage such beautiful crisp swatches? Is it the brush you use? Do you wet your brushes?? I am dying to know!


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