Wayne Goss 2017 Holiday Brush

Purchased. Affil link

‘Tis the season! Holiday everything! Sets! Shades! All that new holiday makeup so we treat ourselves for all those months of also treating ourselves!!!! The Wayne Goss Holiday Brush just dropped at Beautylish and you can purchase it HERE!!! For a cool $45 which is consistent with other medium face brushes he’s released. I had some credits saved up so I paid around $8 in total ($5 plus tax). And being the new Beautylish warehouse is now in PA, it arrived overnight.

It arrived looking quite thin and unimpressive, rather flimsy but remember you gotta wash them before you put them to work. Never judge a brush on their prewash form, they gather their girth and muscle after you’ve given them a proper bath.

Before and after

Once it is washed it flares up to a gorgeous taper and instead of bending flimsily, it glides open instead of to the sides as it did prewash.

The brush itself the softest natural hair (cruelty free blue squirrel… but Ang and I always wonder how does this cruelty free claim goes?… does the squirrel get gently brushed? Do they wait for it to get stressed out about its bills and shed its hair? I really would like to know). It was handcrafted in Japan, my ultimate and utter weakness.

It’s recommended for powder only and intended to be used with highlighters.


I used this with a few powder highlighters and other glow products in powder form, it blends seamlessly and its soft tapered edge covers large areas of the face gently depositing the product. It is rather big so I don’t recommend it for that IN YO FACE highlighting (use a fan brush for that, this is my favorite), but perfect for a soft wash of glow.

I also tried it with Guerlain Meteorites and Hourglass setting powders and it discovered its true calling.

The only other brush I have in a similar style isn’t as tapered or as wide, it’s the MAC 137, but the 137 isn’t nearly as soft as this one.

Here is a comparison with Wayne Goss Air Brush (bottom) And with the #2, so you have an idea of how big it is compared to other highlighting brushes of his line.

VERDICT: I liked it for my meteorites and other soft natural glow products, but when used with pressed highlighting powders, it didn’t pick up as much product as I would want (I tend to leave the house blinding the neighborhood).


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