Dose of Colors ‘Blushing Berries’ and ‘Sassy Siennas’ palettes: Review and Swatches

Dose of Colors ‘Blushing Berries‘ and ‘Sassy Siennas‘ palettes ($32)


So these guys came yesterday… and I’m not gonna lie… my first impression was kinda McMeh. I mean they’re definitely pretty but I was still a little underwhelmed. For the most part, I like DOC eyeshadows. The Hidden Treasure palette is phenomenal but the Eyescream palette was just alright for me and I don’t have either of the other 5 pan palettes. So I went into this review with no real expectations. Alright. Enough small talk. Let’s do this!

Blushing Berries

Damn guys. I might be going soft on y’all. I feel like I haven’t given a bad review in forever…

When I first looked at this palette I was a little disappointed because it wasn’t really screaming ‘berry’ at me. But upon swatching/using it, I see now that I was a fool because holy shit! This palette is bomb! The formula is amazeballs. There is a good bit of kick up but it’s highly pigmented and super easy to blend. I love it. I’d compare the formula to my beloved ABH Modern Renaissance palette. Just a very user friendly palette perfect for every day use.

I still think that color selection could’ve used a little tweaking. I love a good matte black as much as the next person but I would’ve preferred a blackened burgundy or something. And I think ‘Rose Berry’ could’ve been a little less ‘terracotta’ and a little more ‘rose’. But that’s just me being me. I have to find something to bitch about. I think that $32 is a fair price. It works out to a little over $6 per shadow and they are full sized. Also if you haven’t used your Ulta Beauty coupon, you could use that to save 20% and it would only be $25.60 (around $5 per shadow).
Sassy Siennas

Yet another surprise! I fully expected the berry palette to be my favorite of the two. Berry tones are my jam. And the berry palette is REALLY good… but sienna is even better!

First of all the color scheme seems more cohesive to me. The peach, coral and rust tones are universally flattering and they compliment each other perfectly. Also they’re highly pigmented so even the light shades will show up on darker skin tones. As I mentioned in my berry palette review, the formula of these eyeshadows reminds me of the ABH Modern Renaissance palette. They’re on the soft side and I did get some kick up but the pigmentation is excellent and the application is smooth. No skipping, no patchiness, no having to reapply your transition color 27 times etc. DOC is a cruelty free brand and the palettes are formulated without parabens or talc. However they do have carmine so they’re not vegan, unfortunately.

Hmmmm…. what else… the packaging is pretty but basic. It’s a reflective hard plastic case with a snap closure and a decent sized mirror. 

It comes with a double ended brush. One side has a little detail pencil brush and the other side has a flat shader brush. I suppose you could blend with it too? I dunno. I never use the brushes that brands include with palettes.

I wouldn’t consider the colors in either palette to be particularly unique. I’m sure I could round up some passable dupes for both if you guys want. What makes these palettes great isn’t the colors (although they are really friggin pretty!), it’s the formula. Good mattes are hard to come by and these are some of the best that I’ve tried in a minute.
As you’ve probably surmised, I’m super impressed with these palettes. I’d recommend them, hands down, over the little Huda palettes (although to be fair I only tried one of obsessions palettes).  I’m really glad that I picked these guys up and I’m reserving them a place of honor on my vanity. I have another Ulta coupon that I got in the mail and now I’m looking at the mauve palette with hungry eyes. As though I need more eyeshadow. Anyway. They get my seal of approval and I feel confident recommending them to you! Are you planning on adding either to your collection?? And should I try to find dupes just for shits and giggles?

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