Too Faced ‘Chocolate Gold’ Palette ($49): Available now at and Sephora

reviewed this palette a few days ago and to summarize, I think it’s a good palette. If you don’t already own similar colors then I would recommend it. But if there’s only a few shades that caught your eye, I’m here to help!

🔹️Money Bags vs Devinah Cosmetics Spectral ($4 with code BEAUTYCULT)- both are vibrant metallic greens. Money Bags is a teeny bit darker,

🔹️Chocolate Gold vs Love Luxe Beauty You’re Golden ($9, with code BEAUTYCULT)- these are bright, true golds with foiled finishes. You’re Golden might be a little more yellow. I normally try to find dupes that are more affordable but Chocolate Gold is a distinct color and You’re Golden was the best option in my collection.

🔹️Rich Girl vs Looxi Beauty Crush ($4.50 with code BEAUTYCULT)- Rich Girl is an ultra-metallic silvery taupe. It’s a little darker than Crush.

🔹️Cocoa Truffle vs Colourpop Lil’ Boat ($4)- Cocoa Truffle is mid-toned matte brown with neutral undertones. I chose Lil’ Boat because it was the most affordable option in my collection but as with all four mattes in this palette, it’s a basic color and most brands offer a similar shade.

🔹️Decadent vs Colourpop Let’s Do It ($4)- Decadent is matte black. You could substitute any other black that you have. 

🔹️Love & Cocoa vs Devinah Cosmetics Vintage ($4, with code BEAUTYCULT)- Love & Cocoa is a rich chocolate brown with a foiled finish. Vintage is more red. 

🔹️Old Money vs Beauty Escape Cosmetics Sun Witch ($5.50, with code BEAUTYCULT )- Old Money is an orange copper. It’s a shade darker than Sun Witch. 

🔹️New Money vs Looxi Beauty Ultraviolet ($4.50, with code BEAUTYCULT)- this is one of the ones that I wasn’t completely happy with. New Money is a glittery fuchsia pink. So is Ultraviolet but if you look at the above photo, you can see that it also has a blue violet duochrome shift. It’s a little different from New Money but actually a lot more pretty, imo. Colourpop Fantasy is another option but it’s more purple.

🔹️Famous vs Vanessa’s Vanity Sunkissed ($6)- believe it or not, it actually took me forever to find a dupe for this one. Famous is warm gold with subtle amber undertones. Sunkissed is a near perfect dupe. MUG Glamorous is also similar.

🔹️Classy & Sassy vs Colourpop High Strung ($4)- Classy & Sassy is a metallic rose gold. I choose High Strung because of its affordability. MUG Grandstand is also similar.

🔹️So Boujee vs Makeup Geek Creme Brulee ($6)- So Boujee is a light tan matte. I choose Creme Brulee but you probably have similar shades in a bunch of other palettes. 

🔹️Holla For a Dolla vs Makeup Geek Take Two ($10)- Holla For A Dolla is glittery and a little more brown than Take Two. I think that CP Hammered would be a perfect dupe but I couldn’t find mine anywhere. 

🔹️Gold Dipped vs Looxi Beauty 79 ($4.50, with code BEAUTYCULT)- Gold Dipped is a pale champagne gold. 79 is nearly identical.

🔹️Livin’ Lavish vs Devinah Cosmetics Vallan ($4, with code BEAUTYCULT)- Livin’ Lavish is the second color I had trouble duping. It’s a metallic purple with red undertones. Vallan is more red. Other options: Strobe Cosmetics Twisty is a perfect dupe but it was discontinued. Natasha Denona Livid (Lila) and Nabla Inception (Dreamy) are good dupes but they’re not sold individually. Also I think there’s a similar color in the Jeffree Star Beauty Killer palette. MUG Enchanted pigment is another option.

🔹️Drippin Diamonds vs Nabla Cosmetics Frozen (€6.50)- Drippin’ Diamond is a metallic platinum silver. Frozen is a perfect dupe but Nabla is an Italian company. I think that Celsius from Looxi Beauty would be a great dupe too but mine was no where to be found. Colourpop Liberty is similar but darker.

🔹️Rollin in Dough vs Makeup Geek Vanilla Bean  ($6)- last one! These two are ivory mattes but you probably have lots of similar colors in other palettes.

I had to use a ton of different brands to find dupes for this palette. It was actually a lot more difficult than I expected. When I dupe a palette, I always start with Makeup Geek and Colourpop because they’re recognizable brands that are affordable and they have large selections. I thought that I would’ve found more dupes from these brands. They did have a lot of similar shades but they weren’t close enough to be dupes. If you haven’t tried any of these indie brands yet, I strongly encourage you to branch out and try something new. I don’t think you’ll be disappointed. 

Also I just ordered the Clover palette and the two new DOC palettes so expect reviews and swatches in the next few weeks!

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