Too Faced Chocolate Gold Palette ($49)Available at UltaSephora and Too Faced

Soooooooo I bought this palette yesterday. I’m not sure why? It was a definite impulse buy. I was returning some stuff and grabbed it on a whim. Too Faced has been all over the place in terms of quality. The OG chocolate bar and Vegas nay are two of my all time favorite pre-made palettes. And the white chocolate and pb & honey palettes were fucking dreadful. I really like the matte peach palette but the highlighter from that collection was a crime against humanity. Basically there’s no middle ground with them. It’s either fantastic or garbage.

This palette has 12 shimmers which are pretty hard to screw up so I figured that it would be decent but I wasn’t if it would be worth the 50 bucks that it costs. And guys… I can hardly believe it…. but… I have nothing bad to say about this palette! It’s really nice. The packaging is dope and it has a big ass mirror. The gold on the outside does show fingerprints but that’s to be expected. As I was doing the swatches I was thinking yeah these are nice and all but half of these colors are in the other chocolate bar palettes. But when I pulled them out to compare, I realized that they’re really not. There’s def a few shades are similar but I didn’t find any that were exactly the same (except the black and white). Oh and I’m not sure if this LE or not? It didn’t say online. Let me know in the comments if you have any insight.

All the shadows have really nice pigmentation. Even the matte white. In some of their previous palettes, I’d have to layer the white 27 times to get it to show up on my skin so I was pleasantly surprised by Rollin’ In Dough. The matte formula does have a good bit of kick up but they apply and blend smoothly. The formlula of the metallics is also really good. They’re creamy but not so creamy that you can’t use a brush. As with any foiled shadow, you’ll get more intense color pay off by applying them wet or with a fingertip but they apply fine on their own too.

I like color selection too. I thought it was smart that they included a few basic neutral mattes instead of making it entirely shimmers. And I like that they included those few pops of color to compliment the neutrals. All and all a nice holiday palette.

Money Bags is a bright green metallic

Chocolate Gold is a bright true gold

Rich Girl is a silvery taupe metallic

Cocoa Truffle is a dark matte

Decadent is a matte black

Love & Cocoa is a deep reddish bronze

Old Money is an orangey copper

New Money is a bright magenta

Famous is a metallic bronze

Classy & Sassy is a rose gold

So Boujee is a light warm taupe with a matte finish

Holla for a Dollar is a glittery olive green.

Gold Dipped is a pale golden champagne

Livin’ Lavish is a deep plum

Drippin Diamonds is a bright, ultra metallic silver

Rollin’ in Dough is a matte cream color

So while I don’t have anything bad to say about this palette, I’m also not wowed. The formula is nice but it’s certainly not the best I’ve ever tried. And the colors are beautiful but they’re nothing that I haven’t seen before. If you like every color in the palette and you don’t think that you have a bunch of similar shades then go for it! I don’t think you’ll be disappointed. But if there’s only a few colors that are piquing your interest, I’m sure that I’ll be able to find dupes. For the record, I’ve liked the last three TF palettes that I’ve tried (this one, peach matte, glitter bomb). I’m def not getting back together with TF. I didn’t forget how they played me in the past and I don’t know if I’ll ever fully trust them again. But they can sleep on the couch tonight. Should I tempt fate and try another palette?? I like the colors in Clover but I’ve heard mixed reviews. Thoughts?


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