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Introducing… ‘The Dolce‘… the latest and greatest from Juvia’s Place! The palette has nine eyeshadows (3.6 grams each) and retails for $21.50. Our affiliate code BEAUTYCULT will knock off 10% bringing the price down to $19.35. The palette is the same size as Zulu and Saharan 2 and it’s formulated without mineral oil or parabens. 

Let’s take a close up look at some of these pans, shall we??

Ugh! Tart though! Could you die??

And the whole shebang! Alright. I’ve teased you enough… bring on the swatches!! 

Chocolat is a deep matte brown with plum undertones. 

Tart has a glittery white base with pink, lavender and blue reflects. 

Crème is a light coral pink with a matte finish. 

Macarons is a mint green foiled shadow with gold microglitter

Custard is a bright magenta matte. This color is EVERYTHING!

Puffs is a pale princess pink with a foiled finish

Berry Mousse is a matte orche. 

Mont Blanc looks dark gray in the pan but on the skin it’s a bright, sparkling platinum.

Crepes is a soft terracotta orange with a matte finish. 

These colors are much lighter than I expected and I love it! Juvia’s palettes are known for their bright bold colors so it’s nice to see their softer side. There’s a good mix of finishes (5 mattes, 4 foiled shimmers) and I like the way they managed to do a pastel theme while still keeping their signature mix of wearable neutrals with pops of color.

The formula of these shadows is impeccable as always. And she came up with some really unique colors. I can’t think of a dupe for Tart, Macarons, Custard or Mont Blanc. Which is pretty remarkable considering the size of my makeup collection. I’ve been using The Douce non-stop and I think that it makes a great addition to my Juvia’s collection! What’s your favorite Juvia’s palette??

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