Press sample. 
Have you guys seen this new ‘Lucid Dreams’ pigment set from Her Mannerisms??! It’s a silver box with a labeled insert that holds 15 of their most popular loose pigments. Each jar is removable and has a silver lid with the HM logo.

 It retails for $40 and each jar is 6g so you’re getting a TON of product. And the jars have shifters btw, I just like pulling them out. We have an affiliate code for a limited time only! The code: BEAUTYCULT will save you 15% bringing the price down to $34 but only until December 4th, 11:59 CST! After that it will be $40 which still isn’t too shabby for 90 gram of product.

And swatches!

All of these shades are sold individually as well but the set is, by far, the best value. This is enough product to last you a million years. I’m already planning on bequeathing the set to my future grandchildren in my will. I think it’s a really unique concept, I’ve never seen anything like this before now. And I like the mix of colors that they included. Warm tones, cool toned, neutrals, pops of color… a little bit of everything. 

And again, I think the price is fantastic. In my Ipsy bag last month I received a blue brown pigment (exact same color as Grunge from this set) that was priced at $15 for .05oz (around $10.56 per gram). With the Lucid Dreams set, you’re getting 90 grams of product for $40 which works out to less than 50 cents a gram. Fifty cents. Plus the packaging is adorable! For more info on HM check out my previous posts!


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