I  was doing yet another palette reorganization and I came across some possible ABH/CP dupes! A few of them are a little off but for the most part I think that they’re pretty close! I love ABH shadows but they’re $12 a pop and ColourPop shadows are only $4. 

 Out of these first five pairs, I’d consider three to be dupes. 

🔹️CP Crown Jewel vs ABH Enchanted- these two are similar but not dupes. They’re both royal purples but Enchanted is glittery and more bright 

🔹️CP Sauvage vs ABH Blushing- Blushing has more of a lilac shift than Sauvage but they’re close enough that I don’t think you need both 

🔹️CP Take a Break vs ABH Gem- these two are nearly identical. Gem might be teeny bit darker but not much 

🔹️CP Salt Water vs ABH Rose Gold- these two def aren’t dupes. Same color family but Rose Gold is much darker 

🔹️CP Rosé All Day vs ABH Tiger’s Eye- Tiger’s Eye is more yellow but I’d still consider Rosé All Day to be a dupe

These next five pairs are all close but not exact… 

🔹️CP Chic Happens vs ABH Buon Fresco- Chic Happens is darker 

🔹️CP Going Steady vs ABH Love Letter- this one pisses me off because I just bought a new Love Letter. Oh well. Love Letter is a little brighter but otherwise they’re pretty damn close 

🔹️CP Razy vs ABH Beauty Mark- Razy is darker and Beauty Mark is a little more brown 

🔹️CP Dragonfly vs ABH Chocolate Crumble- Chocolate Crumble is lighter and more taupe 

🔹️CP Hung Up vs ABH Not Today- Not Today is lighter and has silver glitter

Last set! These last five pairs aren’t really ‘dupes’ but they might be close enough if you’re looking to save a few bucks! 

🔹️CP Running Late vs ABH Orange Soda- Running Late is darker 

🔹️CP Note to Self vs ABH Burnt Orange- Note to Self is darker

 🔹️CP Bel Air vs ABH Birkin- Bel Air is more taupe and darker 

🔹️CP Popular Demand vs ABH Blazing- Popular Demand is darker

 🔹️CP Paper Crane vs ABH Wine- Wine is lighter and more orange

Hopefully this was helpful even though a lot of them didn’t turn out to be exact dupes. If you’re not too picky, I think most of the ColourPop shadows would be decent alternatives for their counterparts from Anastasia Beverly Hills. I do think that for the most part the ABH shadows are higher quality. However I’m extremely impressed with ColourPop’s powder shadows. If I were choosing between the two to repurchase, I’d go with ColourPop.


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