Lemonhead LA Haul!

Purchased – Affil links

My dudes! I really hate liking things, makeup wise, I probably should NOT purchase any type of glitter product, specially because for months I convinced Angela NOT TO! but after being drawn into the prettiness that is this SPACEJAM right here:


I caved and ordered three new additions to my ever growing glitter stash.

These are available at MUSE BEAUTY PRO – PURCHASE HERE and if you have a pro discount that applies to the brand. They are $22 and $32 a pop, which is expensive for glitter but the key here is the formula.


Lemonhead LA is not new to the glitter game, turns out this indie has been making these glitter pastes for a bit and perfecting their craft as they go. These are gel like mediums with glitter that go on and dry without any fallout and eliminating the need for a glue, there is a TON of shades at MUSE BEAUTY PRO.

The concept seems clear and easy but here’s the catch: when you remove them, the glitter GOES AWAY. Usually when I use glitter, I end up with a somewhat glittery residue to deal with but with these, when you remove them, everything goes away, no glitter on your eye, nor your forehead nor your significant other! No glitter on your sleeping baby as you kiss them goodnight! (Can you tell my life revolves around explaining why is there glitter everywhere?). The ones I picked up are rather chunky, for bright very out there looks, and LADY MERCURY is even considered a hair and body product, however: there are a ton of different shades to pick from if this glitter style isn’t your thing. I hate to like them as I already have a TON of glitter I love already, maybe Lemonhead LA will consider mass producing their glitter medium?? It would make my life so much easier!

Lady Mercury is a SPACEJAM – I borrowed this from their site: SPACEJAM a multi-textured pomade of glitter, sequins, stars & hex are ideal for hair & body applications. From painted scalps, textured twist & braids, iced finger waves to glistening beards, creativity with high-impact makes a statement with LEMONHEAD.

GILDEBEEST and GROUPIE are SPACEPASTES: SPACEPASTE a glitter gel makeup, ideal for eye, face & lip applications. From shimmering eye liner, textured lids to 3D lip shine, these pastes dry quickly, self-seal & stay put.


More swatches!


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