ColourPop Luster Dusts

Press Sample

Holy shit guys! I haven’t made a blog post in a whileeeeeeeeee!! Ive been working nonstop and catering to the never ending cough and cold that dragonia seems to not get rid of (seriously, moms out there help a sista out – Ive tried everything). But! I’m back with some posts and catching up to all the snazzy goods that have been dropping (black friday sales had us crazy with release after release!). Im lucky wifey has been holding down the fort!

The entire Holiday Part 3 setup!


This is the press postcard!

TODAY, Cyber Monday of 2017, twas the day that the Luster Dusts became part of the ColourPop world.

Basically: Loose highlighters.

There are three shades being released, and you probably have similar goods in your stash but they are nonetheless pretty to look at. For today they are $4.90 but they will retail for $7 which is the cheapest I’ve seen these jars go for, even on indie world.

Each Jar contains 3g of loose pearls and applied to the high points of the face provide with a metallic foil highlight, the shimmery formula is non glittery and appropriate for the holidays when one is more likely to make public appearances in garments such as dresses and other attire that requires a beaming highlight. Im lucky my family is composed of lovely dirtbags that plan every year an ugly pajama party for Christmas, but since Im the Kim of the family, Ill still beat my face even if I’m wearing my husband’s sweatpants and my old pregnancy t-shirts (prego t-shirts are amazing for xmas dining – fill your belly with pernil without popping a button).

GNOMIE is a bright cool toned light pink,  AURA VOIR is a peach gold that is sure to be everyones favorite by now and DEW DROPS is a dark bronze for the medium to dark skin tones.

I did a live today and I was surprised to see how smooth these were but they are best applied over foundation, applied over a dry bare face they will fall out all over said dress – so look the part.

more swathes!

This is a Mini Ultra Matte Lip Collection – these shades are already out so I am not swatching, but saving for a goodie giveaway!! You know Angela and I love giving back every week with a giveaway so follow us on Insta for a weekly chance to win!


TAKE ME HOME PALETTE: I left this for last, as this has not been released on the website yet, it is however available at SEPHORA HERE – I will have a swatch and review by tomorrow! but at $12 you cannot go wrong!!! stocking stuffers who? This baby is going on my purse for quickie touchups!!

Stay tuned for more swatches from the Holiday releases!!!! we gots lots to share!

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