In case you missed it, I already did dupes for the Pat McGrath Mothership 1 Subliminal palette and now we’re moving on the second palette! I don’t have the third one but Em does so we can either have her work on dupes or get her to send it to me. But not for a few weeks. I don’t know if I’m just slow or what but duping a palette is a major undertaking for me. First finding the dupes, then changing my mind a few dozen times, taking product pics, doing swatches, editing swatches, linking all the products, inevitably realizing a few of the dupes have been discontinued and then having to find new options, writing the blog post etc etc. It usually takes me a few days to complete and then at least 2 weeks to recover. Anyway. Dupes of her third palette will be up one day! And without further ado…

Pat McGrath Sublime Palette ($125)

🔹️Skinshow Glow vs Inglot #46 ($7)- these are both satiny pink champagne colors. You would think that this would be an easy color to dupe but I probably swapped out a dozen options before deciding on this one from Inglot. Skinshow Glow is a peachy pink and most of the usual suspects that I rounded up were either too cool or too warm but #46 was just right!

🔹️Copper Toned vs Looxi Beauty Pennywise ($4.50, with code BEAUTYCULT)- both are soft copper colors with satiny finishes. Copper Toned is slightly more red.

🔹️Iconic vs Makeup Geek Pocket Change ($6)- Iconic is a soft golden bronze. It’s slightly darker than Pocket Change.

🔹️Bronze 005 vs Colourpop KathleenLights ($5)- this one was really hard. Bronze 005 is an amber gold with a super sparkly finish, almost like a pressed glitter. It’s a little more gold and a lot more sparkly than KathleenLights. My second choice would’ve been a loose glitter pigment either Mac Reflects Bronze (not cruelty free) or Peaches and Cream Famous (UK based) would be good options.


🔹️VR Nectar vs Topshop Shuffle the Cards ($13)- these two are exact dupes with nearly identical formulas. Also similar: ‘Celestial’ from the Huda Desert Dusk palette and Mac Stylishly Merry (no longer available).

🔹️Xtreme Black vs Colourpop Let’s Do It ($4)- this a just a matte black. There’s nothing special about it. I duped it with Colourpop because it was my least expensive option but any matte black that you have would be fine. 

🔹️Dark vs Colourpop Cloud Nine ($4)- Dark is a deep, neutral brown with a matte finish. Again I went with Colourpop because their shadows are $4 but you probably have a bunch of similar browns in other palettes.

🔹️Rose Dusk vs Makeup Geek Anarchy ($6)- this one was kinda tough too. Rose Dusk is cranberry satin but it has mauve undertones. It’s more brown than Anarchy. If you happen to own MUG Country Girl (discontinued), it’s a very close dupe. My second runner up was Anastasia Beverly Hills Labyrinth ($12)

🔹️Emerald Bliss vs Looxi Beauty Rage ($4.50, with code BEAUTYCULT)- Emerald Bliss is a sparkly blackened green with a purple shift. Rage is pretty damn close but more muted. I included a product pic taken from a side angle so you could see the purple shift in both pans. The only other option in my collection is Throne from the ABH Prism Palette.

🔹️Astral Ghost Orchid vs Colourpop Cherries Jubilee ($5)- Astral has an iridescent white base with a strong pink shift and tons of sparkle. I’m pretty sure that Cherries Jubliee is LE but it’s still currently available. If it sells out, their ‘Monster’ highlighter is also very similar. 

Tada! We’ve reached the end! If you purchased all ten dupes, it would set you back $59, less than half of the cost of the palette. Plus you probably already own dupes for the more basic shades. Hopefully this post helped you keep a bit more of your hard earned cash!


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