I haven’t even written a review yet but fuck it! Let’s do dupes first! Melt Cosmetics is officially releasing their newest stack, She’s in Parties, on black Friday but I snagged one during the pre-release. While the color scheme is gorgeous, it’s rather pricey at $48 plus $7 for US shipping. And as you can see from the above photo, easily duped. Here’s what I came up with…

🔹️Meanstreak vs Colourpop Razy ($12)- unfortunately Razy isn’t sold individually. It’s part of the Saucey quad but I picked anyway for two reasons. 

1. My second choice was also $12 

2. Two of the other shades in the quad, Chic Happens and Lit, are similar to two shades in the Melt Stack, Last Caress and She’s in Parties. Not dupes mind you but close enough to give you a similar look.

Meanstreak and Razy are nearly identical. I would say that Meanstreak is maybe the teenist bit more red but that’s only if I’m being really nit-picky. CP’s formula is softer with more potential for fall out but I found Meanstreak to have a more patchy application in comparison to Razy.

*I never swatched the Saucey palette for some reason but I’m inserting Em’s swatches below. As you can see even that last peachy pink is somewhat similar to Sketelon Kiss from the stack. If you’re not that picky, you could just pick up the CP palette for $12 and call it a day. 

Other options: ABH Beauty Mark ($12), Mac Deep Damson ($6, not cruelty free)

🔹️She’s in Parties vs Nabla Cosmetics Daphne N°2 (€6.50, approximately $7.50USD) – both are deep burgundy colors with copper shimmer. She’s in Parties is slightly more rusty. 

Other options: Makeup Geek Burlesque ($6), Devinah Cosmetics Paramour ($4.50 with code BEAUTYCULT)

🔹️Last Caress vs Makeup Geek Vintage ($6)- both are mid-toned mauvey browns. Vintage is a shade darker. 

Other options: Devinah Cosmetics Adorn ($4.50 with code BEAUTYCULT), Mac Blackberry ($6, not cruelty free)

🔹️Skeleton Kiss vs Makeup Geek I’m Peachless ($6)- these are both ivory shimmers with peachy pink reflects. They’re nearly identical. If anything, I’m Peachless has a stronger duochrome shift. 

Other options: Nabla Cosmetics Obsexed (€10.50 approx $12USD, this is a larger highlighter pan), Colourpop Take a Break

And that’s all she wrote! If you went with my first choices, you’d spend $31.50 as opposed to $48 (plus you’d have seven eyeshadows instead of four because of stupid Razy being in a set). Honestly unless you’re a huge fan of Melt’s formula and packaging, I’d say pass. These dupes are REALLY close and I’m picky about these things. Also Melt eyeshadows look huge but they actually don’t have much more product than a regular eyeshadow but more on that in my review which will be up next!


  1. I’ve never been inspired to buy from Melt. Years ago I almost purchased some of their lipsticks (back when they were actually unique shades) but I kept reading how dry they were and decided to pass. Their eyeshadow stacks have always seemed overpriced and gimmicky to me.


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