Well guys… they can’t all be winners! I normally love Popsugar but this month really sucked for me! In case you’re not familiar, Popsugar is a $39 a month subscription box (use code MUSTHAVE5 to save $5 off of your first box) for women that includes beauty products, accessories, houseware, lifestyle products, food… all kinds of stuff. I enjoy the variety of products that they include but sometimes they have an off month. Enough with the suspense! Let me show you what I got!

Unqualified by Anna Faris (listed price $28 but I found it on Amazon for $16.99)- sigh. I think that I’m in the minority here but I hate when they include books. I’m an avid reader. I read 3-4 books a week, every week. I love books. But give us a digital copy to download. Everyone has a tablet these days, you can download the kindle app for free. I don’t have room for physical books and I much prefer reading on my nice, lightweight kindle. I might actually read this book but if I do, I’ll borrow the e-book from the library. The physical copy will go in my basement with the other dozen books that I got from Popsugar and envision myself donating to the library one day.

Tarte Cosmetics Pro Glow to Go palette ($23)- meh. I didn’t even open this. I’ve got a million and one contour kits. But I’m not mad about getting it because it will be a nice item for one of our instagram giveaways! Did you know that we do a giveaway every single week?? Follow @colourpopcult and myself on IG, if you don’t already. 

Hester & Cook Cardboard Placemat Pad & chalk pencil set ($25)- sigh #2. I wish that I was the type of woman who had dinner parties with placecards and shit. But I’m just not. And I honestly I don’t know anyone else who is either. I’m racking my brain trying to figure out who I can give this to and I got nothing!

It’s a cute idea. The example photos on the packaging are adorable. But I have no use for these things.

Chloe + Isabel Split Headband ($22)- finally something that I might use. I don’t wear head bands regularly (besides at the gym and that’s not exactly the same thing) but this is simple and cute so I’m going to make an effort to wear it over holidays. Hopefully it doesn’t hurt my head. 

Knot & Bow Newsprint Gift Wrap ($6)- this I’ll use. I’m always in need of wrapping paper so I can re-gift all of my Popsugar rejects when I forget my mother in law’s birthday and whatnot. 

Fatty Sundays Peppermint Chocolate Covered Pretzels ($3.49)- I’ll never complain about getting food. I haven’t eaten these yet but they look delicious.

BLOOMTHAT $25 gift card- I suck at remembering to use the gift cards that Popsugar frequently includes. This one expires on December 31st and I know that I still have a few friends with birthdays this year so I’m going to try and remember that I have this and send someone a little bouquet!

Popsugar is $39 a month and this month’s value is around $122. Unfortunately two of the items are useless to me, the book and placecard/pencil set. I normally don’t mind getting things that I won’t use because the items usually make great gifts. But I’m coming up blank on these two. I don’t know any big fans of Anna Faris or any stepford wives that would appreciate placements that they can decorate with calligraphy. The other stuff I’ll use or giveaway but there’s nothing that I’m excited about. All and all a pretty lackluster month for me. And my ipsy bag was friggin awful too but we’ll get into that in my next post!

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  1. Awh… I’d be bummed about this one too. The headband is cute though, like you said. And as far as gift cards, I’m pretty sure that they don’t or at least they are not supposed to expire anymore. I’ve got gift cards in my wallet from years ago that are still good. I don’t think it’s fair for them to force you to use it within such a short amount of time or lose it. That’s just mean. Anyway, thought I’d toss my 2 cents in. Have a great Sunday!!


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