This is my third Colourpop palette and once again it didn’t disappoint! I really like their powder shadows. They have a soft formula with a good bit of kick up and fallout but they also have nice, buildable pigmentation and they’re easy to blend. CP comes up with some really unique shades and color combinations and best of all they’re cheap af! 

A few things to note here… three of the shadows (Opulent, Blank Canvas, Silk Street) have Red 7 Lake which is a dye that’s not fda approved for use on the eyes in the US. 

Have you guys noticed that a lot of companies have been using these dyes in eyeshadows lately? I know it’s nothing new so maybe I’m just more conscious of it now. Idk. I don’t have a sensitivity to dyes and I’ve never had a problem with using them on my eyes but you should proceed with caution. While looking at the ingredients, I also saw that a number of these eyeshadows are formulated with mineral oil, which is an ingredient I never noticed in CP products before. I mean it’s a $16 palette and I honestly don’t care all that much but I figured it was worth sharing.

 Oh and Labyrinth and Sea Stars are both sold individually as well. Do any of the other palettes have repeats like this? Again, no biggie. I like both colors and I don’t mind owning them twice. Okay on to the good stuff! Let’s look at the colors!

Feels is a shimmery white based duochrome with a pink shift and pink glitter. It’s actually pretty similar to Astral Ghost Orchid from the Pat McGrath palettes.

Late Night is a light rosy copper with a foiled finish.

Silk Street (not eye safe) is a deep fuchsia matte. Think a darker version of 143.

Rayon is a really interesting color. It’s base is a dirty peach shade and it has an iridescent teal overlay.

Go With The Flow is a light orange matte.

Subdue is another stunna shade! It’s a pale bluish lavender with pink duochrome shift and blue glitter. 

Opulent (not eye safe) is a bright magenta pink with a satin finish. 

Labyrinth (also sold individually) is a midtoned, matte dusty pink.

Blank Canvas (not eye safe) is a deep cranberry with a matte finish. 

Sea Stars (also sold individually) is a mid-toned matte brown with warm yellow undertones.

Details is a deep, matte burgundy with hot pink glitter. I really wish this color had a satin or metallic finish. It’s a gorgeous color but I hate glittery mattes. I always end up with more glitter on my face than on my eyes. 

Peace of Mind is a deep cranberry metallic.

Go With The Flow requires some layering on the eyes to get opaque pigmentation and Feels and Subdue are going to perform better if you apply them either wet or with your fingertip. And I already mentioned that Details disappointed me a bit. It’s such a beautiful color but the glitter doesn’t adhere to the skin very well on its own (it’s much more sparkly in the pan than it is in my swatches). Those are the only minor performance issues I came across while using the palette, everything else was smooth sailing!

Regardless of the few things I mentioned above, I do really like this palette. It has some gorgeous duochromes and mattes in shades that I haven’t seen a million times before and I like the mix of warm and cool tones. I really enjoyed using it this weekend and I would recommend it, as long as you don’t have a sensitivity to red dyes. Well worth the $16 in my book!


  1. OurBeautyCult, why in the world would Colorpop put non-eye safe colors in an eyeshadow palette? What are we supposed to do with them? Opulent is the whole reason I’m thinking of buying it. Now that I can’t use it one my eyes, I guess I won’t get it! Ugh.


    • It’s very common. Melt Cosmetics, lime crime, jeffree star, urban decay etc have all done it. A lot of the time it’s because the brand is vegan. If you cut out carmine there are very few other alternatives for red eyeshadows. Red lakes are approved for use on the eyes in Europe and their cosmetic regulations are generally a lot more strident than ours. I use ‘non-eye safe’ shadows all the time and I’ve never had a problem. I just make sure to use a thick base so my eye lids don’t stain. But of course, proceed with caution!


  2. Hey guys, just double checking if it’s ok with you if repost your swatches on another site or blog, giving you absolute full credit, of course? I’d give credit to this blog and both IG accounts (@angelamarytanner and @colourpopcult). I just wanted to double check first.
    I’m a bit shocked at the ingredient list myself. I hope this doesn’t become a regular thing. I also wondered how they can sell through Sephora and make any money…?? I suppose quality ingredients may have to be what suffers. I love that I have this blog and your IG accounts to keep me informed.
    Thanks for everything!! I ❤ you both!


  3. VERY disappointed that they’re using mineral oil in their products now. Thanks for pointing that out!! The dye thing is annoying but I’d probably still use it if that was the only thing that was iffy about this palette.


    • I thought the mineral oil thing was new but I wasn’t positive. I mean it’s a $16 palette so it’s whatever but it’s annoying for someone like you, who’s very ingredient conscious. Now you’re going to have to check the website before you order anything. I’m curious if it’s in the Sephora palettes. I gotta check.


  4. Wow, I never even thought about the types of dyes used in eyeshadows, to be honest. Thanks for sharing. These colors are so pretty though. I can’t get over the Subdue shade! It’s stunning!


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