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At long last we have a release date!! The 12 new Lit Cosmetics metals will be available tomorrow, November 6! They retail for $19 and our affiliate code BEAUTYCULT will save you 20% bringing the price down to $15.20. 

If you buy three or more (metals or glitters), you’ll automatically get a free gift added to your order. I believe the current promo shade is Diamond Girl. Also there’s a secret code… if you write ‘Lit chick’ in the memo/comments section, you’ll get an additional free item! Okay so back to the metals! They’re pigments with flecks of gold leaf or silver. I tried my best with these swatches but they’re so much more sparkly and gorgeous in person.

Okay let’s talk about these first four! I swatched these two different ways. The top swatches (and the following 3 photos) are just applied over a thin layer of the Lit Cosmetics glitter adhesive. The lower swatches (and the last 3 photos) are foiled. So I sprayed a setting mist onto a hand palette and mixed in the product then applied with a brush. You can see that by using the glitter adhesive you’ll get a more glittery look. By foiling you’ll get a more metallic, textured appearance.

Tease + Gold is fiery red copper with gold flecks.

Tease + Silver is a pinky copper with silver flecks. 

Smitten + Gold is a rose gold with gold flecks.

Smitten + Silver is a ballet pink with silver flecks.

Same deal with the next four. Top swatches are normal, bottom are foiled!

Escape has teal base. With the gold flecks it looks more green, with the silver it looks more aqua. 

Risque has a purple base. When mixed with the gold it looks more plum. With the silver flecks it’s more lavender.

Nudity Silver and Gold both have light pink champagne base colors. Silver pulls more pink and Gold is more amber. Although if you happen to have Addicted Gold from their original metal line, I think it’s pretty similar to Nudity.

Illuminate Silver and Gold have a white base color. Silver is gorgeous but it was more difficult to work with than others. It seems to be less smooth than the rest.

All 12 of these new pigments are amazing. And they’re even more sparkly and beautiful in person! I’ve been using them for the past few months and I get so many compliments when I wear them. I love them all but I’m a warm toned girl at heart so I prefer the gold versions of all of the pairs. The silver ones are just as pretty but not quite as flattering for my coloring. These are permanent so you can pick them up anytime. Or get one try before going ham and buying the entire line.

If I had to narrow it down, I’d say that my favorites are Risque + Gold and Smitten + Gold. Are you planning on getting any of these new Metals tomorrow??

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