Beautylish Gift Card Event: What do I recommend, what am I repurchasing and what should you skip!

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The gift card event at Beautylish starts today! You’ll earn a $20 Beautylish Gift Card for every $100 you spend and have a chance to get everything on your list at the same time.
From Nils Email: “VIP EARLY ACCESS starts TODAY at 9am PDT / 12pm EDT.
In addition to earning Gift Card’s during the event you’ll also get standard FREE SHIPPING limits and have the chance to split your purchase into interest-free payments using Flexible Payments at checkout.
So it’s my duty to show you things I have purchased and loved so you have an idea what to put in your cart.

Musts: Makeup!

Tried and liked: Anastasia Prism Palette $42

This Palette is quickly becoming one of my favorites this year! With a good assortment of warm tones and superb crease shades and brights pop of color and that green… that green.

Have and loved: Natasha Denona Holiday Palettes $48 each

These are an investment, and sure you prob have those shades in other palettes, but if you ever wanted to get one palette to try her formula and see why I basically drool every time there’s new ND palettes, one of these are a great gateway drug.

Have had for a while, love and don’t see it finishing anytime soon: Cover Fx custom enhancer drops $42

Winter comes and my skin loses its glow, and retreats to the corner of dull city. No need to get multiple shades of these, one shade does the trick and you only need a teeny little bit to highlight your entire face. Not glittery, non oily. I use candlelight*. I have purchased all the other colors and imma be legit here: you only need one. It’ll last you forever.

Have purchased backups: Jouer highlighter in Citrine $24

When this originally came out I bought it, fell in love and then purchased extras for double the price on Ebay. DONT BE THAT ME. I’m contemplating getting another just cause I never want to run out but then again my highlighter stash has reached embarrassing proportions. So I may skip, but don’t miss out if you don’t have this, it’s the reincarnation of the sun on your face.

My jam blush: Natasha Denona Duo Glow In ALBA $38

Alba is the peach one on the right, RAYO is the pink one on the left. ALBA is def the prettier sister.


There hasn’t been a single one I can’t recommend. The absolute BEST matte formula hands down, it’ll ruin you and anything else will seem patchy and bland. You’ve been warned. If there was a time to try them is now and the Petit Pro is an amazing little travel tool with everything you need for a quick tuneup on your look on the fly.


Have and it’s pretty but save your coin By Terry Sunset Palettes $164

These are pretty but way overpriced and do nothing that a regular old satin blush doesn’t do. I got the coral/magenta one and again: it’s pretty but you can get the same shades with $8 blushes from colourpop on the cheap. I’m glad I got them via PR and didn’t have to spend on these, they are gorgeous but I’m just not impressed: Save your coin.

Natasha Denona Chroma crystal top coat $28

I wasn’t impressed, you can get similar results with Super Shock Shadows. See above.


Tried and liked: Sunday Riley Good Genes $105-158

Repeat after me: good skincare is more important than amazing makeup. If your skin has been abandoned, you can probably fake it with great amount of makeup but at the end of the day, you’ll see it for what it is. Do yourself a favor and skip that expensive palette you prob have dupes of and invest on amazing skincare. So you can wake up like you just got laid even if you didn’t. This one here is a lactic acid masterpiece that helps with that whole dull skin bs that they don’t tell us happens when we hit our 30’s. It’s mild enough for sensitive skin

REPURCHASING: Bioderma Sensibio H2O makeup remover $6.90 and up.

This is the bees knees to remove makeup, I use it when I swatch, on a q-tip to remove errors on my eyes.. to remove it all at the end of the day. It’s not oily so it’s perfect to correct a fked up wing on the fly without ruining the entire look, and it’s amazing on sensitive skin. GET THIS! I’m personally repurchasing the large bottles as I keep one on my vanity and one on my swatch area. I had one in my bathroom but I ran out and currently using BI- Fácil from lancome when I take off my makeup there.

Have and love: Vintner’s Daughter active botanical Serum $185

Angela gave this to me for my bday and it’s insanely good on my skin, it’s not time to repurchase as you only need a couple of drops at a time but she just repurchased after using it for a year and I so far really love its effects on my skin.

Have tried and loved and am repurchasing: May Lindstrom skincare

When I got pregnant, my skin took a dump on me and just went crazy it’s own way; these products were God sent, natural and organic (it’s a dif thing!) and a total treat for the senses. The products do their thing while giving you an aromatherapy session.

Have repurchased: the Blue Cocoon – this is a face balm that turns to an oil when you apply it, it’s amazing for sensitive, rosacea, dermatitis or just straight up dry skin. It’s expensive at $180 but you only need a tiny dollop every time and it lasted me a year my first bottle, I’m currently on my second.

THE PROBLEM SOLVER mask: amazing for your pores, after a bit of recurrent use they appear smaller and less prone to congestion, also amaze balls for sensitivity: almost curing it but then again I’ve been pairing it mixed with the HONEY MUD – this last one is meant as a cleanser but I don’t use it for that, I mix it with the problem solver mask as an added moisturizing agent or by itself as a mini mask to have on my face while I shower. It Also smells delish.

NEW TO HER LINE THAT I LOVE: the pendulum potion: this is a makeup remover oil that’s another powerhouse and leaves my skin almost not needing any moisturizer follow up.

HAVE REPURCHASED: The youth Dew – it’s a face oil and mixed with the Blue Cocoon at night gives you that morning after Glow I was talking about too..

IF YOU MUST SKIP: THE CLEAN DIRT didn’t do much for me, I ended up repurchasing once because I thought I was using it wrong, it’s not the best exfoliator and it makes a mess in my bathroom that’s almost impossible to remove. THE JASMINE GARDEN: there are better and less expensive face mists, you are safe to skip.

Repurchasing and also trying: Sachajuan silver conditioner $33 and scalp treatment $45

I have been using this conditioner to keep my highlights on point and not only does it prevent brassiness but helps with the whole dead looking hair situation that comes with bleaching. I’m now getting the scalp treatment because winter comes with dryness and with that: dry scalp. So imma try and report back.


HAVE AND RECOMMEND: Wayne Goss Brush sets

The anniversary set I have, use all the brushes on the regular and love. The foundation brush is amazing and one of my personal workhorses. The face set I’m getting even as I have repeats, for the same reason: I use them often and I don’t have time to clean brushes in between so at least having doubles makes it convenient for me to make sure I always have my faves clean and ready.

The gift card event makes a lot of your favorites run off the shelves so act quickly and do let me know if there is anything I MUST try so I put it on my cart!!!


  1. I saw the post about this when it first came out but I didn’t quite know what all was involved. Now I wish i would’ve asked questions – I want that triple, or at least the duo, of the bioderma sensibio h2o with the the free 100ml too. Oh well, I guess I’ll guess I’ll just get them as they are. I cant find a discode code anywhere. This is the last thing I’m ordering for myself. I’m getting a little out of hand!! LOL 😉


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